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The Best Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Depression

New! Downloadable Guided Meditation/Hypnosis Album Cards to Order Now: More for Less!

I’m so excited to tell you about my newest Centering Tools downloadable audio album packages – more for less – that you can quickly and easily download through following the prompts on the cards:

Accept and Love Yourself: 4 Tracks: 100 Minutes: $25.00

1) Accept and Love Yourself

2) Become Your Higher Self

3) Drivetime for Clearing and Centering

4) Feeling Good About Yourself



Relax, Recharge and Balance: 4 Tracks: 100 Minutes: $25.00

1) Relax! Freedom From Stress

2) Clear Blockages

3) Get a Good Night’s Sleep

4) Releasing Pain!



Heal and Balance Body, Mind and Spirit: 7 Tracks: 175 Minutes: $45.00

1) Heal and Balance Body, Mind and Spirit

2) Shamanism: Healing Through Lower Spirit

3) Shamanism: Development through Upper Spirit

4) Develop Your Intuition

5) Past Life Regression

6) Finding Your Spirit Guide

7) Energetic Healing



Here are Complete Descriptions of Each Album:

Accept and Love Yourself:

Listen to these hypnosis and guided meditation audios and experience profound relaxation and centering.

You will:

-Extend and unleash your power to heal body, mind and spirit

-Develop higher awareness

-Recover self-esteem and personal power

-Tap into your greater insight to build motivation and make successful choices


Relax, Recharge and Balance:

As you listen to all four hypnosis and guided meditation audios, you will release stress, pain and anxiety at a core level physically, mentally and emotionally. You will extend and balance your energy.

You will experience body, mind and spirit integration, balance and overall rest and well-being. You will be able to centrally focus, gain higher awareness and experience greater insight in all aspects of your life.


Heal and Balance Body, Mind and Spirit:

Are you ready for self-healing at a core level, and true intuitive and spiritual development? You will tap into the power of the infinite universe and connect with your greater self and spirit. You can experience body-mind healing at its core level, which shifts you away from dis-ease to ease, illness to wellness, by transforming the essential patterns of your physical, emotional and mental energies.

These are all very relaxing and rejuvenating listening exercises that will restore your natural rhythms, and bring you to a place of well-being. In addition they are a great accompaniment to body work!

You can become your healthy, whole self, and wonderfully shift your energy into a state of flow and balance. You will come to know and understand your soul's karma to heal and develop; and experience vast sources of spiritual healing, power, guidance, and transformation.

You will greatly extend your insight, which will provide you with a critical edge beyond yourself for clarity, problem-solving and success. Going forward, you will know how to create your dreams and become your higher self.

Finally, you will experience, through opening your soul's karmic record, your Self as a multidimensional spiritual being of awakened consciousness. Here you will find answers to the deep, central questions and challenges of your life. Then you can energetically activate and understand divine love as it is endlessly present. You will experience this infinite source to more greatly choose and create in every aspect of your life.

Here’s How to Order:

Include complete mailing instructions to receive the downloadable card with instructions, specific requested albums/quantities; and pay:

*Through PayPal  (through Centering Tools)

*Mail check payable to Marjorie Baker Price, PO Box 68015, Rochester, NY 14618

*Call 24 hour confidential line 585-244-6210 and leave complete bank/credit card information (American Express not accepted), and best number/times to call to confirm purchase

Questions? Email me at


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