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Embark on your own amazing journey of self-discovery and transformation to have the life you deserve and desire . . . ABOUT THE BOOK The Merinda fable presents a little girl who is caught up in "pleasing to survive," unaware... Read more →

It Connects and Aligns at Higher Levels Your Body, Mind and Spirit It effectively targets what I call the “critical mass” of dis-ease and effects shifting it into an “equal and greater” critical mass of recovery, higher stabilization, and wellness.... Read more →

Your Magic Mirror – An Empowerment Workshop for Self-Healing, Recovery and Transformation in Rochester, NY Sat Feb 1 from 1-3 pm Carmen Clark Lodge at the Brighton Town Park 777 Westfall Rd 14620 $36 includes Merinda and the Magic Mirror... Read more →

My Sense of What’s Ahead is My Recommendation Happy, healing, becoming-more-whole 2014! This year energetically feels very active and solid, including looking to more clearly and foundationally define the positive and separate/release the negative (meaning what doesn’t exist/compute in the... Read more →

A Tragedy and a Message for Our Times

We remain such a barbaric society in great denial, filled with excuses, blame, resentment and entitlement that takes us as far away from our own great spirits as it endlessly perpetuates great abuse. No wonder we cannot make peace within and without! The political challenges of our times are the spiritual challenges of our times; and we cannot afford to continue to deny, excuse, justify and blame who we decide to objectify, neglect and violate. As it was said, “what we do to the least of them . . . ” we do to ourselves – and we all continue to lose...We can only recover through self-healing, which then leads to enlightened knowing about how to really care and be compassionate without condition. That in turn supports the greater good – said to be our spiritual mission – that we continue to seek to actualize throughout our lifetimes. Read more →

Peace, Intimacy, Freedom

When peace, intimacy and freedom are missing or fractured, dysfunction, codependency, entanglement, addiction, hopelessness, blame, and violence result. These results extend their poisonous effects terribly, horribly into ours and others lives; and great suffering results and continues until recovery can occur. We functionally recover and transform into our higher selves whenever and however we heal and develop. Read more →

It is so elusive and changeable, hope – it hurts and heals – and yet it returns again and again in the most surprising and elegant ways to support, sustain and uplift us when we are critically challenged and at a crossroads of decision. Let me know in the comments below this entry how you access hope, what it does for you, and what you most hope for this year for . . . (see how you’re moved to compete this sentence from what feels like a core place of courage, honesty and the authentic part of you that dares to dream!) … Read more →

Faulty belief systems and discovering 'what's real?'

we are all part of the infinitely loving, endlessly aware higher consciousness – and are each, too, an equally and uniquely creating, particularly developing individual being that truly changes worlds and selves – free and seeking loving, new and extensively fulfilling opportunities to unconditionally share. Read more →

What truly satisfies our souls? When we are able to arrive at a fundamental place of unconditionally acknowledging what we are truly grateful for – past, present, and future (all really one source connection!) – we gracefully let go and let be . . . and come to an inner place of rest and opening to become. Read more →

Here is my three-step “uncover what’s really getting in your way” questions for you to answer as my transformational offer to you to find out what you really need, in order to get what you truly want: Read more →

Do You Know What's True - And What Isn't?

A lot of what I do in my practice is to separate truth from fiction. It’s actually, I’ve discovered, fundamentally easy – what’s hard, as Glinda said to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz – is getting people to believe it. We really only can come to believe something through being willing to look at what is true in our experience . . . which is greatly helped, if not required, by separating what is true from what is fundamentally delusion. greater awareness, insight,self-healing, personal growth, personal power, wellbeing, Declaration of Independence, Read more →

Three Quick, Empowering Ways to Relax - and Solve Your Real Stress

As we center, let go and trust we increase awareness, understand what’s real, and empower ourselves . . . so do we relax, release and recharge ourselves and our life. Then we are free to choose and create – endlessly. Read more →

This extensive workbook and 2 CD’s course teaches you to specifically, successfully develop your intuition to support wellness, empowerment, achievement and evolution in every aspect of your life. This is a wonderful course to partner up and complete with a friend, experience as an extended workshop you can do at your own pace at home, and even use to start your own study group. Read more →