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What are the Real Benefits of Creative Coloring? Throughout my practice I have offered and encouraged clients to draw with crayons in their meditative journeys for healing and transforming; and to creatively record their inner “dives” and heart’s visions. I... Read more →

The Gift – And Risk – of Envisioning Yes, this is the first blog article I’ve written since my return late last month from my European and New York city travels for a month. It has been a year of... Read more →

If You Could Choose Five Key Words By Which You Could Live Your Life . . . What would they be? Think about it – settle back, close your eyes, take ten full, deep, easy breaths…and then ask the question... Read more →

Terror is the Great Disease and Challenge of Our Time I recently read an amazing book by Erik Larsen titled In the Garden of the Beasts: Love, Terror and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin, about Ambassador Dodd’s personal and... Read more →

Even Being a Hapless Victim Doesn’t Destroy Hope My youngest daughter turned 23 about a month ago, and decided to take me up on my offer to pick the play she wanted to see at Niagara-on-the-Lake’s annual Shaw Festival, deservedly... Read more →

Focus on these words: Willing to be Lead Towards Your Heart to open your heart. Are You? How does it feel when you read this title? The heart is our multidimensionally operative center of being. It rules our bodies, feelings... Read more →

Love Is….. Endlessly present Healing Integrative Multidimensional Nurturing Vitalizing Peaceful Unconditionally accepting Without agenda Without expectation Transcendent Inspiring Creating anew Clarity Greatly aware Energizing Sustaining Higher power Recovering Freedom Accepting and acknowledging of what’s real Connecting and supporting the greater... Read more →

Despair is so difficult to heal from because often people are not comfortable admitting to themselves or to their social, spiritual, and mental support systems that they're feeling it in the first place. The first step must be to acknowledge it in a public space. Read more →

You Can Change Your Story After You Discover It How many stories have you lived in your life? I do so much key therapeutic work in my practice focusing on establishing with clients what presents as the real meaning to... Read more →