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Hypnosis For Healing – Benefits and A How-to Guide

An Integrative and Multidimensional Healing Practice Hypnosis is a wonderful integrative and multidimensional healing practice that supports physiological innate healing responses, relieves pain, boosts the immunological system, and improves circulation, oxygenation and elimination. It supports better balancing of the metabolism... Read more →

Top Ten Survival Tips to Sail Through a Crisis

Crises Leave Multiple Energetic Imprints The Chinese translation means both “danger” and “opportunity”. We live in a time of multiple global crises which can even more intensify individual crises. In the course of a well-lived lifetime one will experience serious,... Read more →

Hypnosis in the media

Often times I'll see popular websites/sources of health information as displaying somewhat misleading information about some of the alternative therapies I've used with great success. I was browsing the internet today and found myself at Mayoclinic's website. I must say,... Read more →

Hypnosis audio set to Break Addictions

Direct Link: Product media Break Addictions(Audio_Books) Break Addictions Tags: break, addictions, give, yourself, gift, freedom, Health and Well Being, Audio Books, About this item: Give Yourself the Gift of Freedom from Addictions - RIGHT NOW! Download this special guided... Read more →