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The Way to Resolve Challenges is NOT to Begin by "Analyzing" Over and over again clients, in sharing their heartfelt concerns and key challenges, sincerely attempt to, as they typically say, "analyze" them as how to find right solutions. What... Read more →

The idea for this post was motivated in part by Heather Plett's "What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone"- after reading it, ask yourself how the concept of holding space might apply to yourself? And be sure to... Read more →

Gilda's Club of Rochester presents Drawing & Coloring for Clarity, Centering, & Creating Coloring for adults has become a national sensation since around 2012 (according to an Adobe survey looking at the number of adults). But the fad isn't empty,... Read more →

Loss and grief are the kinds of burden that can overwhelm us, but there are strategies to employ that will ease the process. Sign up for the Navigating Through Loss class I'm offering on October 28 at the Rochester Brainery!... Read more →

Hypnotherapy is effective and empirically shown to alleviate both physical and mental/psychic pain. Learn how Marjorie Baker Price - a Rochester, NY certified hypnotherapist with decades of experience - uses hypnosis as a primary method of getting clients to self-heal themselves! The hypnotic trance has many amazing properties that include experiencing "numbness" in general or in specific areas of the body. This enables a skilled therapist to produce the absence of feeling in any part of the body. Read more →

How Can We Know What Really is Toxic for Us? There is so much hype about metaphysically and holistically ridding yourself of what is toxic to you that makes it even more difficult to know what is and is not.... Read more →

My Sense of What’s Ahead is My Recommendation Happy, healing, becoming-more-whole 2014! This year energetically feels very active and solid, including looking to more clearly and foundationally define the positive and separate/release the negative (meaning what doesn’t exist/compute in the... Read more →

How to Access Your Great Spirit to Give And Receive . . . Miracles

I work so much, both in my practice and my own life, especially with complicated and peaking challenges, in how to access and develop our power to connect and support our own Great Spirits as a unique expression of the All That Is. In honor of you and your amazing work to support all greater good and the key spirit of this holiday...I want to share ten points of reference as key practices to access your Great Spirit... Read more →

Three Quick, Empowering Ways to Relax - and Solve Your Real Stress

As we center, let go and trust we increase awareness, understand what’s real, and empower ourselves . . . so do we relax, release and recharge ourselves and our life. Then we are free to choose and create – endlessly. Read more →

Join Holistic Health Care Providers from 7-9pm March 7 at Free Film and Panel in Rochester, NY to Help Transform Health Care in the US

Join us to view this award-winning documentary that exposes the perverse nature of American healthcare, contrasting the powerful forces opposing change with the compelling stories of pioneering leaders and the patients they seek to help. The film is about finding a way out. It’s about saving the health of a nation. Read more →

How to Get Past Your Fears and Forgive . . . Yourself (and from there, others)

Hate always stems from a root of fear; and forgiveness always comes from a root of loving. Love occurs when we heal and develop to a place of transcendence beyond the implanted fear of incompletely processed trauma - and forgiveness truly reflects coming to wherever your real place of completion and final understanding is in this central healing process. Read more →

Experience Six Steps to Success and Higher Healing

Create Harmony and Wholeness in Your Life This Year: I recommend you experiment with these six steps - interesting to note in numerology six is understood to be the vibrational frequency of personal balance, healing and harmony - by taking any focus, goal or concern you presently have through them in the order above - and see what happens to change your life for the better! Read more →

For One Hour on Feb 6 - Learn to Meditate in Ten Minutes in Rochester, NY

Learn to meditate in 10 minutes in this dynamic one hour class offered through Brighton Continuing Education at Brighton High School, Room 158, 1150 Winton Rd S., Rochester, NY 14618. You will quickly and profoundly relax, de-stress, heighten awareness, unleash creative potential, receive your intuitive impressions, and recharge your energy! Read more →