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Learn the Basics of Reiki and Energy Healing October 17 in Rochester, NY

I will be once again offering this popular class on Reiki and Energy Healing – An Introduction on Wednesday evening, October 17 from 7-8:30 pm through Brighton Continuing Education, in collaboration with Henrietta and Irondequoit. Class is held at Brighton High School, 1150 Winton Road South, Rochester, NY 14618 in Room 158. Read more →

Your Hands Really Can Help You De-Stress and Heal

I synthesized those techniques in 2008 when I created and offered Compassionate Touch Therapy to geriatric nursing staff in my area that was sponsored by a federal grant, over six months. I realized back in the nineties that all hands-on healing comes from the same fundamental course of transmitting energetically from a detached, unconditionally caring spiritual center. Hands-on healing is simple. It is done in a deeper relaxed, meditative state through opening the palms of the hands and imagining (remember Einstein said, The imagination is everything!) that you can transmit universal life force energy. Read more →

Meet and Greet Author-Signing . . . and See My Latest Products and Programs for Stress Management, Self-Healing and Success This Sat Sept 29 from 9:30-11:30 am in Rochester, NY

I’ll be at The Corner Bakery Café, 3300 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford, NY 14534 across from Pittsford Plaza - and would love to talk with you and sign copies of my Centering Tools courses, books, intuitive cards and audios. I’m also... Read more →

What Would You Give to Release Guilt, Shame and Blame?

Here is a writing exercise I created to release guilt, shame and blame for you to try. I invite you to settle back, close your eyes, and take several easy, deep, cleansing breaths. . . As you sense your breathing becoming automatic in its regular, opening rhythm, for your next several breaths say the word free to yourself. Observe your sensations . . . and then for the next minute or so, say to yourself in this sequence the following three sentences – one at a time for several breaths, followed by the second, then the third: . . . I am free from guilt . . . I am free from blame . . . I am free from shame . . . Continue to observe your sensations as you fully experience your easy, deep, regular breaths. Then say repeatedly to yourself for a minute or two, I forgive . . . and I am forgiven . . . Read more →

Rochester NY Networking for Wellness Event on Bodywork Essentials Sept 24

I wanted to pass along this announcement for everyone in the greater Rochester, NY area who wants stress management and is interested in holistic practice. As you know, in 2008 I founded Centering for Wellness, a not-for-profit here in Rochester... Read more →

How to Stay Centered in a Chaotic World on YouTube

watch my 45 minute recorded talk on YouTube on stress management: How to Stay Centered in a Chaotic World, with special guided meditation and writing exercises for self-healing and empowerment - Read more →

Willing To Be Led Towards Your Heart

This is How and Why I Offer Centering Tools I have loved and written poetry since I first entered college, that being the first time I felt free and empowered enough within myself to dare to create! I feel writing... Read more →

How to Tap Into Your Soul’s Direction for Healing and Success

How Did I Create This Guide for Transformation? Nearly fourteen years ago I took myself out to lunch at a nearby Applebee’s, where I did some of my best channeling(!) and wrote seventy guided directives that I continue to share... Read more →

Here is the Link to "Release Stress" Tonight's Teleconference

Click on the above link to hear this one hour teleconference I offered this evening, with key writing exercises, recommendations to continue on your own, and fifteen-minute guided meditation on how to easily and fundamentally clear stress. Read more →

How You Can Still Stay Centered in This Chaotic, Complicated World–Three Keys to Experiencing Wellbeing and Success

Always, the Real Challenge to Trust - I ask you to trust yourself and your own innate capacity to create newly and expansively, to be better able to support and sustain yourself and those you love as we move into this pivotal fall season. Know that all you so lovingly offer and honestly experience yourself is all you can really offer in the world – and what the world most greatly needs now. Read more →

My Audio Gift to You to Lose Stress in Seven Minutes or Less

Click on the above link to download my audio gift to you - a self-hypnosis guided meditation to open your breath, release body and mind stress and uplift yourself into your own endless light. Let me know how it goes - and feel free to share this with those you love . . . with all my love - Marjorie Read more →

A Journaling and Guided Meditation Workbook to Heal Yourself and Create Your Dreams

The Centering Tools Journaling and Guided Meditation Workbook to Heal Yourself, Empower Your Life, and Create Your Best Future is an amazing little coaching book. It takes you on a profoundly transformational inner journey to achieve body, mind and spirit healing, empowerment and evolution. Following the guidelines helps unleash, in many wonderful ways, your own inner power to develop and creatively inspire yourself to achieve your dreams. It offers six chapters, each with key journaling exercises and unique guided meditation exercises . . . Read more →

How to Repair and Restore Love

Look for the truth of what is happening in your heart and your gut, and be willing to travel through the unfolding layers of your emotional pain and fear to the deepest levels of awareness you can access to uncover it . . . Understand that where love isn’t, the real challenge for transformational healing and greater wholeness is . . . Read more →

Recording from the July 9th Teleconference: The Three Fundamental Keys to Free Yourself and Become More Happily Present

Click the link below to download the recording from the July 9th Teleconference: The Three Fundamental Keys to Free Yourself and Become More Happily Present Read more →

How Can I Care For You If I Can't Care for Me? Top Ten Tips To Transform

Ask for light to surround and fill every part of you, and say to yourself, I accept it all – my light, my world, my choices, my endless power to create in my open world of many dimensions without beginning, without end – the circle of endlessly flowing rhythms – all one – caring for and with me, extending everywhere without condition. Read more →