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Focus on these words: Willing to be Lead Towards Your Heart to open your heart. Are You? How does it feel when you read this title? The heart is our multidimensionally operative center of being. It rules our bodies, feelings... Read more →

Love Is….. Endlessly present Healing Integrative Multidimensional Nurturing Vitalizing Peaceful Unconditionally accepting Without agenda Without expectation Transcendent Inspiring Creating anew Clarity Greatly aware Energizing Sustaining Higher power Recovering Freedom Accepting and acknowledging of what’s real Connecting and supporting the greater... Read more →

Despair is so difficult to heal from because often people are not comfortable admitting to themselves or to their social, spiritual, and mental support systems that they're feeling it in the first place. The first step must be to acknowledge it in a public space. Read more →

How Can We Know What Really is Toxic for Us? There is so much hype about metaphysically and holistically ridding yourself of what is toxic to you that makes it even more difficult to know what is and is not.... Read more →

In spiritual terms all change is about more greatly finding yourself and seeing the truth about the world you live(d) in. These two results reshape you to “meet”, through your life’s journeys, your truly desired “change(s). Read more →

You Can Change Your Story After You Discover It How many stories have you lived in your life? I do so much key therapeutic work in my practice focusing on establishing with clients what presents as the real meaning to... Read more →

I see the story as a key “handle” to self-healing, recovery, empowerment, and transformation. It is a simple metaphor that offers centering inner “links” to children and adults who feel they have lost their sense of self to be able to develop truly greater selves, and the wherewithal to successfully meet and transcend life’s challenges. Bullying has finally become a key topic and recovery focus for our times. Merinda is fundamentally a story about understanding that bullying only continues to occur when we believe ourselves to be victims, which directly creates an inner “giveaway” of ourselves along with a covered-up “inner bully.” Like Merinda, we “please to survive.” Dysfunction creates and perpetuates unending power struggles in relationships endlessly ricocheting between dominance and submission. I am excited to tell Merinda’s story in all settings that commit to teambuilding, interdependence, new leadership skills, and healing partnerships. Read more →

What are the Keys to Right Relations? Do you experience right relations in your life … romantically, within your family, your work, your community? Relationships change, sometimes in a moment, sometimes through an entire lifetime. Are there simple, key tips... Read more →

If you’re in the greater Rochester, NY area this Sunday, Feb 9 at 7 am, watch my interview with Pat Taney on the popular community news program, “Rochester in Focus”. I’ll be talking about bullying as a by-product of “pleasing... Read more →

It Connects and Aligns at Higher Levels Your Body, Mind and Spirit It effectively targets what I call the “critical mass” of dis-ease and effects shifting it into an “equal and greater” critical mass of recovery, higher stabilization, and wellness.... Read more →