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While we continue to battle isolation and business and the pandemic, please remind yourself to take a break! Perhaps you'll take an 8 minute break and download or listen to this latest brief guided meditation on Hope and Healing for you. Please let me know what you think, Read more →

Our recently unleashed COVID-19 pandemic universe which, in a matter of days, has swept away Life As We've Known It - never before experienced in pretty much any of our lifetimes - is more than anything a call for courage.  It is a time to understand and newly create the Courage to Be Read more →

Another guided meditation audio While I cannot currently see clients individually and/or face-to-face, please consider listening to any and all guided meditation audios here and on my Facebook page at, please let me know what you think. You may... Read more →

The gift of your best self this holiday season The holidays are upon us again, and the pressures of tradition, caregiving, and holiday-associated sleep deficit conspire against us. That’s why it’s my sincere hope for you all to stay grounded... Read more →

Limited time offer: purchase a download card & receive 10% off a one-on-one session (valid for 30 min. or 60 min. session!) Our new download tokens/cards are a convenient way to improve your mental health on the go. Once you receive your token, all you need to do is follow the instructions and redeem your guided meditation audios! Listen on any mp3 comptabile device (computer, laptop, smartphone, mp3 player). Read more →

What are the Keys to Right Relations? Do you experience right relations in your life … romantically, within your family, your work, your community? Relationships change, sometimes in a moment, sometimes through an entire lifetime. Are there simple, key tips... Read more →

You Can Achieve the Imposible This Year 2-13-13 Teleconference Recording

Did you miss last Wednesday evening's teleconference? Click on the link below to listen to the full recording of last Wednesday's one hour teleconference, February 13, on How to Achieve the Impossible in 2013: Read more →

Join In at My First Upcoming Teleconference of 2013 on Feb 13 to Achieve the Impossible This Year

Please join me at 9 pm EST Wednesday evening, February 13 to set a truly loving space for yourself and be your own great valentine to create happiness and wellbeing from a new place of personal power and enlightened awareness. Here are the details: Read more →

Here is the Link to "Hope and Transformation in 2012" Tonight's Teleconference

Click on the link below to hear the complete recording of tonight's teleconference on how to access greater healing, hope and peace in this amazing and unique season, this year 2012, predicted as the beginning of a new age of awareness, sharing and freedom: Read more →

How to Stay Centered in a Chaotic World on YouTube

watch my 45 minute recorded talk on YouTube on stress management: How to Stay Centered in a Chaotic World, with special guided meditation and writing exercises for self-healing and empowerment - Read more →

Here is the Link to "Release Stress" Tonight's Teleconference

Click on the above link to hear this one hour teleconference I offered this evening, with key writing exercises, recommendations to continue on your own, and fifteen-minute guided meditation on how to easily and fundamentally clear stress. Read more →

Free Downloadable Audio: Access Your Own Inner Light to Transcend Life Challenges

Click on the link above to download this ten minute guided meditation audio I recorded last month as my free gift to you to honor and support your ongoing personal growth in these pivotal times: Access Your Own Inner Light to Transcend Life Challenges Read more →