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To Transform Your Self and Your Life

Wednesday July 29 7-8:30 pm $22

I have long said – and the rich, peaking, tragic challenges and amazing adventures of my 70 years now on the earth plane – have again and again confirmed, that we can (and do, sooner or later) afford to sacrifice and lose/truly let go of, anything but our sense of our authentic spirit. In our challenging, outrageous, and a-long-time-in-coming times of major change we are meant to know ourselves as spiritual beings, which means we must know how to care for ourselves accordingly.

Who and what are we, really? I don’t think we have ever truly accepted singularly defining ourselves as a finite cluster of complicated cohesive cells that degenerate and eventually disappear. Instead throughout all we know of existence and our existence, we somehow return again and again to defining who we are by meaning – most centrally what we call love and related sensations we cannot determine physically. Who and what are we in this fundamentally nonphysical state of multidimensional being? Is this how we can transcend into lasting resolution, healing, empowerment and wellbeing – even come to understand ourselves as infinite?

In this latest Centering Tools remote workshop we will explore and uniquely experience our sense of spiritual being and existence, and re-form how to sustain our spirit for self-healing, nurturing, ongoing development, and creating the new to support the greater good. In specific ways you will identify:

*** What your spirit needs to bring you your heart’s desires

*** Your unique spiritual identity and how to express who you really are to yourself and the world

*** How your unleashed spirit transforms inner and outer relationships, sense of self, and empowers, and harmonizes existence

With questions and to register $22 all debit/credit cards accepted, call/text 585-210-9827, email [email protected] - includes handouts and special downloadable guided meditation audio to further and support your unique spiritual self-care!

*****In infinite love and light, Marjorie


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