8 mins for Hope and Healing Guided Meditation
Entering a state of flow - free guided meditation

Remote Zoom Workshop June 15

Remote Workshop June 15: 

Breathing, meditation and more to help mitigate COVID-stress


UNLEASHING THE LIGHT AND YOUR GREATER SELF TO Transcend, Release, Self-Heal and Empower Through and Beyond the Pandemic

When: Just Before Summer Solstice, Monday June 15 from 7-8:30 pm     

Fee: $22.00

I invite you to experience the amazing power of your deeper, essence self to easily, through the unleashed flow of your released breath, move into core balance, infinite power and natural integration of body, mind and spirit for greater insight and well-being. Our authentic selves exist in a sacred center of ease, not dis-ease, and know how to guide us to recovery and experiencing our greater good.

Pandemic workshop 2020 imageI am so glad to share these simple meditative and intuitive writing practices that I have developed and offered for decades – and newly in this pivotal pandemic – for you to keenly, gently and creatively return to and extend recovery of your greater self. We are immensely pressed to differently learn (and relearn!) how to effectively meet these immense challenges and unleash heightened awareness, freedom to choose and personal power for ourselves, each other and the world.

You will learn and enhance:

*allowing, through synchronizing intent with recovery of the essence rhythm of your breath, fuller, freer capacity for self-healing and protection

*your real capacity to create through and beyond correspondingly real challenges, and discern faulty conditioning where it exists as false challenges that interfere with your actual potential for greater resolution

*recovering your ability to sense and partner with flow and being as energy and All That Is/All One/Source Connection for clarity and spiritual power

Whether you have experienced multiple meditative and journaling practices or none, you will in this workshop, significantly and newly discover more multiple dimensions of self-healing, greater insight and coping in this time of transformation as your time of transformation and creative resolution. First, last and always we are and can endlessly develop to become our own best resource...

To register and with questions email [email protected] or call/text 585-210-9827. 




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