Uplifting yourself while you wait out Corona Virus
8 mins for Hope and Healing Guided Meditation

The Pandemic is a A Universal Call for Courage


The Shocking Sweeping Away Through COVID-19 of Life As We Knew It

Source: Johns Hopkins University April 2020

Our recently unleashed COVID-19 pandemic universe which, in a matter of days, has swept away Life As We've Known It - never before experienced in pretty much any of our lifetimes - is more than anything a call for courage.  It is a time to understand and newly create the Courage to Be:

1.  Fully, greatly, unconditionally, compassionately present.

2.  Endlessly committed to support The Greater Good.

3.  Able to unleash our authentic Self as a "waiting in the wings" super woman/man revealed, and care for and about Her/Him in all ways enough to accordingly act, everyday.

4.  Well understanding of the real operative laws of physical and spiritual reality.

You may well ask: What the hell does any of that actually mean?

Glad to answer ... but first I want to say ...

Courage Comes from New Resolution of Unleashed Fear

Courage always seeks to emerge from fear - it is an act of completion from experiencing true resolution (always a mystery) - and how we "lift up and out" in tremendous desperation through taking a fall.

We can "check that one off the list", because in most of the world, as COVID-19 has been unleashed, we have collectively taken a tsunami-wave fall . . . and thousands so far - and by all predictions this hasn't begun to peak here, for sure - have not survived.

So we find courage when survival is at stake.  Now back to the above list, #1-4 ...

  1. When we come through the previous 4 stages of grief (in this order - denial, bargaining, anger, helplessness/hopelessness/despair) to #5, we Accept What's Real - because it is what it is.  Then we fall into being fully, freely, wholly present in each and every unfolding moment . . . and we become, in the wake of that, compassionate - which the Tibetans say is the most evolved emotion we are capable of feeling, defining it as detached loving.
  2. Then we intuitively recognize our real purpose, which is to support the Greater Good and discover to carry out beyond knowing, doing the right thing- accepting it as a Great Mystery/never fully known - but what we hope for and envision, accepting ourselves as morally functioning (therefore spiritual) beings, willing to be held fully accountable and recognizing we are, as unique, multi-dimensional beings of divine consciousness,  able to freely choose accordingly without agenda.
  3. Now we become greater than we were through corresponding action and ongoing vision, newly creating and extending to all others, which critically supports growth/evolution with expanded definition through these acts of love without exception or qualification.
  4.  We release any delusional faulty belief systems, understanding and living earthly lives as temporal - death happens, always, unpredictable and, along with physical life, therefore precarious - which continually births intense aliveness and joy as our great paradox of existence.  We transcend and see ourselves as rebirthed anew - at our essence, spirit - as we see all life, moving forward beyond expectation, lightly carrying ever-evolving visions, uncaring beyond all related aspects of creating and supporting in expanding love, freedom and correspondingly unleashed power. 

Courage Unleashes New Power and Freedom to Choose

When we find - always a surprise - our courage, unknown power is unleashed, as well as expanded insight and and a whole new sense of freedom.  Responsibility is no longer a heavy sense of obligation.  Instead we are shockingly proud of ourselves and glad to courageously and without condition support ourselves and others, realizing we are All One.

So ask yourself in this moment in a deeper reflective, even meditative state, what feels like a courageous choice I can make now that brings me a sense of lightness, power and clarity/rightness? Record your sensations . . . and SEEK TO DO THE THING.  We are meant to live life courageously, and how life is always repeatedly brings us to face these directives, now more than ever.

Everything we do counts.