How to Recover (Self) Love
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WRITE - To Be Right And Empowered In Your Life! 10 Reasons Why . . .

Here are 10 reasons to write something every day
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It can be key words put anywhere you are moved to place them on a blank sheet of paper, which will create what is called a hologram - a very clear, tremendously insightful, centered expression of current relationships, both within parts of you and significant outer relationships ...
1. Journaling creates a profound sense of open space for yourself and in your life.
2.  Journaling unleashes core self-worth.
3.  Journaling allows you to recover your power to creatively and intuitively reflect, as well as express.
4.  Journaling unleashes your higher self and allows you to begin to form an active relationship with your spirit, which can then be your best guide for self-healing, empowerment, recovery and development.
5.  Journaling allows you to love yourself enough to unconditionally listen to any and all parts of you that want to be heard in a safe open space.
6.  Journaling unleashes courage, compassion and acceptance.
7.  Journaling offers a space of sacred pause, from which honesty and creativity easily emerge as core requirements to come to related resolution.
8.  Journaling is its own immensely powerful, multidimensional, self-therapy.
9.  Journaling leads you to face and express, in a state of innate flow, your feelings.
10. Journaling both unleashes your inner observer and produces detachment - to let go, let be and become infinitely more present.
Suggested Experiment - 5 or More Minutes a Day for 3 Weeks . . .


Wendy Hausrath

Journaling is my safe space,
For sure! A mighty tool.

Marjorie Baker Price

Well put Wendy! Yes . . .

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