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How to Recover (Self) Love

How I Discovered the Key to My Rapid Recovery from Hip, then Shoulder Replacement
The-science-of-love1I had my second - and hopefully final for the foreseeable future - orthopedic surgery October 19th, replacing my left shoulder. So far beyond so good - much easier even then clinical expectations as far as my recovery. 
I am tired and not seeing clients, about to resume fully over these next couple of weeks. Rest for me is a lovely opportunity to continue to deeply meditate in my zone and run healing energy, which feels wonderful ... and, I believe, has a lot to do with my accelerated progress. 
Unconditional Love is Immensely Powerful for Healing and to Return Us to Our Sacred Center
So here's what feels like the gift of this surgery in the face of the immense relief I feel, knowing that this year of hip replacement and shoulder replacement is now complete - and feels like the start of a whole new chapter in my life, which I most eagerly anticipate: It's All About Love. We are, as activated souls, immensely loving beings - unique representations of divine consciousness - and we're here to love ourselves and each other ... but our position in loving is in the center of our being. 
It's very natural for us, when we come to recover living our lives and perceiving ourselves as endlessly loving, unconditionally choosing from this place of love, to extend that to all other life, actually - and create and respond accordingly. So, for example, with partnerships we love ourselves, so we want to experience loving partnership and adventure accordingly. 
We Come to Accept Who and What We Really Are, to Trust and Freely Choose
This is of course the opposite of co-dependency, when we love ourselves so little that we cast ourselves as lesser than, and seek outside of ourselves to receive love from a designated Other - always doomed to miserably fail. This is the focus of freely loving, as the Dalai Lama says, all sentient beings.
This is All We Have to Give the World - Enough - And That Which Makes Us Greater
It is the foundation of animal rights, human rights and supporting a good, healthy, safe life for all in equality and solidarity. Thus some of our key political activism is so defined. 
It's about loving ourselves fully and freely enough to take loving care of ourselves - to choose wisely our nutrition - allow our bodies to move generously and every day - and to dare to say no, to give ourselves all the luxurious space we need to simply be. These are actually the core great compelling messages of our favorite stories and myths, that which understandably inspires us greatly. 
Dare to Do What You Know You Most Need to Transform
Ask yourself if you had the courage what you would do to most greatly love yourself - and DO IT!  
We feel right when we come to be in a state of endless loving and corresponding self-worth - kind and compassionate towards ourselves and others, as well as clear and clean in our inner and outer perceptions, creations and responses. This is how we change ourselves and the world as well.