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The Greatest Gift - Hope - and How to Access It in All Circumstances

My Year of Transcendence

Photo-1484100356142-db6ab6244067It has been awhile - a long while - since I've posted.  According to Numerology, this year - the 9 vibration - is a year of completion of that many years cycle - said to be a year of transcendance from personal to universal beingness.  I've definitely had a wide-ranging year, beginning with successful hip replacement surgery to seeing my expatriated brother-in-law, niece and her children in Yorkshire, England, followed by roaming around the Scottish Highlands . . . and all the additional inner and outer related and unrelated extended adventures.

Tomorrow I expect to be scheduled next month for shoulder replacement surgery.  How does all this hit me across all my corresponding "dimensions"?

Hope Unleashes Transcendence 

I find myself in considering this question focusing on hope, realizing just how much of an explosive inner center it is for healing, empowerment, expanding consciousness, and transcendence.  Like the Pandora myth, compared to major challenges and the multiple wear-down daily grind of life, it organically surfaces surprisingly and seemingly minimally at the real bottom of our tough and ongoing stressors.

It can't be forced.  It surfaces in surprising times and places - and it profoundly changes the overall balance of experience and response - not to mention outcomes.

Hope Heals

Hope is intrinsically linked to recovery and healing, as well as courage and creative initiative.  It is what I view as the unleashed imagination of our core spirit and our authentic Self.

Is hope a part of your emotional psyche?  Mind-body explanation of all addiction views these as diseases of hopelessness - which also happens to be the fourth stage (before the fifth and last stage - acceptance) of grief.

The Truth About What Hope Needs

When we feel at our core that we are emotionally free we intrinsically hope.  As a Tolkien fan my whole adult life, I recall Gandalf responding to Merry, who asks if there was any hope that Frodo and Sam would achieve the seemingly impossible quest of destroying the Ring of Power "to rule them all . . . and in the darkness, bind them":  "There never was much hope . . . only a Fool's hope".

Does hope not objectively feel in the worst circumstances like a Fool's hope?  The moral - truly - of this tale, described as the greatest literature of the twentieth century, says somehow that is enough to sustain, support, even produce success.  To me this is the heroic journey - our true purpose in what Native Americans call our Earth walk.

Hope Inspires Miracle-Making

Hope is an act of daring and persevering against seemingly impossible odds to insist no matter what to bring forth a better and restorative vision, while continuing to experience life in most precarious circumstances.  It is not delusional - it is how we transcend and become miracle makers.

There is every reason - not no reason - to hope today.  I see it as a necessity to most effectively meet personal, family, community, national and global challenges. 

The Real Price of Hoping is Giving Away Your Lesser Self to Uniquely Grow

Hope is meant to be experienced as its own unique element - ongoing and separate from all the other ways we deal and authentically respond to living all aspects of our lives.  So in addition to being emotionally free, we need to free, in order to unleash, our authentic selves - it's all we've really got, anyway.

The price is to risk all else; and let go of any and all delusion of control - as well as "what if" and "if I do/don't" - both of which leak presumption and scripted dependence as poisons to kill hope and personal power.  The universe always supports the greater good and seeks expansion as evolution. 

However these divine forces are interfered with dooms us to endlessly experience a stuck past and dictated limits that truly destroy.  So dare to hope ... experience the new ... and create, as you truly, grow.



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