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Holiday Spirit 2018

The Hamilton cast decided to plea to humanity and that's the kind of courage we need in era of metoo, and the rise of hate groups

We have a choice to make in our current hyper-polarized political state


Aaron Burr as seen in the musical, portrayed by Leslie Odom, Jr.
As reported on, the cast of Hamilton chose to respond to certain attendees with a plea to humanity: “We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us.”

If our political crises have done nothing else, they have underscored the longstanding core conflicts that exist between caring and abuse, conflict and peace, dysfunction and resolution, dominance and equality.  I have been on an odyssey this fall, deciding - and quite frankly being hugely pulled through my longstanding interest in the Civil War - to create my own solo trip to tramp among the major battlefields in Virginia and Maryland in late October; not only in search of my lost late husband's great-great uncle who died somewhere through Grant's Wilderness campaign, but my extensively blown faith in our country's founding vision. 

I felt somehow I would find my own healing in the midst of the "disease" of our now-resurrected emotional civil war.  We also experience our own individual civil wars in response to core unhealed trauma; faulty, violating belief systems; and selling ourselves - certainly our spirits - down a propaganda-ridden river of misogyny, racism, economic dominance by the few at the expense of the many; and degradation at the top of the economic and political rulerships that, so far, have suffered within their structure and themselves no consequences. 

No One Is Powerless

We are all reinforced, then, in feigned powerlessness and endlessly avoidant responsibility which, when recovered, lays the foundation for a world of truth, authenticity, and caring without boundaries.  We can freely create to support the greater good, and for the sheer joy of bringing forth the new - and lovingly sharing.

I found myself continually redefining #MeToo as restoring to us all inclusion - all the abundance, healing, and empowerment for everyone - "Me too!"  Our survival now depends on stopping all levels of abuse, violation, sanctioned, rationalized robbing of whatever fabricated "other" status is conveyed on our fellow humans - all sentient beings, as the Dalai Lama would say - and the Earth Her Self,  in an endless orgy of destroying what truly is sacred. 

When Karma Occurs It Requires Payback/Sacrifice

Karma demands payback and sacrifice - and seems to not care who ends up being that "return price" for wrongdoing, as long as it is "paid" - as in the 750,000 soldiers who died in the Civil War, mostly young men who, in their own lives, had not much of anything to do with the great evil our founding fathers sanctioned that lasted more than a hundred years later, of slavery.  It is time we all, as Lin Manuel Miranda sang in Hamilton, "Rise Up!" - to free ourselves in order to free each other - in order to free our earth from mindless, vicious, hollow cruelty. 

Within ourselves we begin with sternly, compassionately considering who we are and who we are meant to be.  We begin with our voice, and envisioning how it is to free it and to free ourselves emotionally, in order to free our real spirit.

We Grow Up As Disempowered Females, We Come of Age As Women With Unleashed Spiritual Power

After I returned from my Civil War battlefields odyssey, I somehow stumbled upon Outlander - first the TV series, then the profuse, romantic, battle-stained, conflict-ridden, transcendently loving books.  I quickly became hooked on the TV series, all with strong, independent, recovering, courageous females, who in turn, transcended the two prior times in which they lived: mid-seventeenth and mid-twentieth centuries, spanning Scotland and the east coast of the United States. 

These heroines without question were awesomely inspiring - and so clearly evidenced core belief in themselves and unconditional acceptance of who they were.  Most importantly they unleashed their authentic spirits - formed through trauma and meeting seemingly impossible challenges with more and more greatly unleashed love - for themselves, for who they loved, for their determined "home space".

How To Create Our Own Miraculous Rebirth?  To Accept Who We Truly Are

We are once again in this season of thanksgiving and miraculous divine rebirth.  May we all offer each other and ourselves our highest vision and trust in our own real capacity to greatness - and not imagine restoring, but correspondingly recreating - that reflective world for us all to experience and share in the greater good. 

We are all so greatly worth it.