Workshop: Accelerated Healing on Oct 13
Awake, My Soul!

You Need Great Inner Space to Heal . . .


How?  - is the equally great question!  Do you know how to access inner space? 

Mindfulness-exercises-1Your core?  Your authentic self? 

Your Access to Multidimensional Healing is a Breath Away

Your soul?  For this purpose your inner space, your core, your authentic self and your soul are all interchangeable.

Access is truly a breath away through meditating.  Try this exercise:

A Key Meditative Exercise to Do Now to Unleash Healing

Settle back into a comfortable, supported place with your body in an open, relaxed position - and close your eyes.  Count to yourself three, full, deep breaths.

Feel how easily you become aware of the flowing, essence, free, open rhythm of your breath  Feel as well how your body in so many big and little ways is more and more able to release tension, stress and blockage far beyond conscious knowing. 

Imagine this a an effortless shift that even more expansively happens everywhere throughout your body, mind and spirit - as if you felt yourself so easily and completely drawn into a wonderful, even miraculous daydream - an infinite space of spontaneous multidimensional healing.  Feel yourself also becoming so effortlessly aware of how, each and every time you inhale, you receive breath - spirit - one source connection; and each and every time you exhale, you release all that for whatever reason gets in the way of this greater access. 

Say to yourself, then, for your next several inhaled breaths the word "Receive", and for your next several exhaled breaths the word "Release".  Finally with your next several breaths, as you inhale, say to yourself this phrase, "Receive healing"; and as you exhale, say to yourself, "Release inner space . . . release core . . . release authentic self . . . release soul . . . and repeat this in this order three times. 

Check in, Experience, Transform, Understand

What are you experiencing?  What you are doing is creating and expanding multidimensional space for healing. 

Our prime directive at our spiritual core is to effect healing ongoing.  Healing requires opening infinite space for adjustment and effect - to restore, create and return balance. 

Asking for healing unleashes divine support, and is a powerful way to begin the above meditative exercise.  In love and light, Marjorie




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