How to Move . . . Past Managing, Fixing, Power Struggles - and Create Lasting Good
Trip to Molokai reminded me that spiritual capital, human decency are the cost of rampant exploitation

Restoring Equiibrium in Precarious Times

We Face Increasingly Precarious Times

2000px-Equilibrium.svgAnother season is starting as we're just past the Fall Equinox, in what seem to be increasingly precarious times.  Precarious equals pressure, instability, fear of further loss and wherewithal to cope. 

Earth showcases the worst hurricanes ever along with blazing fires, earthquakes . . . while increasing threats of war surrounds and touches us all, and, I feel, rains these messages down on us emotionally, even energetically, all the way, it feels, to our core to reflect - how? - in our individual lives??

We Can Learn from Our Own Unfaced History

It seems in many ways to offer what feels like new, more intense challenges to restore equilibrium, presenting even greater challenges to restore peace.  Here's where I think of the "bottom line" of the song as the song about peace that goes, "let it begin with me": I believe without question, as we can find our way to restore our own equilibrium in precarious times, so can we offer and support key and real restoration of sustainable balance to a much-troubled world.

I have been watching the outstanding and brilliant, astoundingly researched historical portrait of one of our most precarious times of two generations ago that I came of age during, Ken BurnsThe Vietnam War.  He says we don't learn from history . . . and we must . . . for me the multifaceted and tragic unfinished business from that time is a key part of the foundation of our current instability.

Our Fully Faced Feelings Restore Equilibrium

Our  personal past as well, however it is emotionally incomplete, does profoundly and endlessly haunt us.  It will wait forever for authentic healing and resolution; and therefore is a central challenge to restore equilibrium. 

The bulk of the deep therapeutic and energetic work that I do in my Centering Tools practice involves building one's inner courage enough to support a gentle, core revealing of that "unfinished business" which an ego-driven script attempting to cover - hide - past emotional wounds in its fruitless attempt to manage/fix what is truly unfixable,will go to endless lengths to avoid emotionally facing.  Have you ever asked yourself why we have been taught to ruthlessly and precariously run from our own feelings?

A Brief, Key Meditative and Writing Exercise for Emotional Release and Higher Empowerment

I invite you to settle back into a comfortable position for a few reflective minutes, close your eyes, take several deep, cleansing breaths, and ask yourself this question.  Experience wherever you are led within your opening heart, which in turn frees your higher mind  to share its insights.

Record your experience.  Here's the thing:  in order to restore equilibrium we need to first restore emotional equilibrium, which requires recovering an authentic sense of core safety and trust - in ourselves.

The Key to Free Your Authentic Self

When we face unconditionally any and all feelings, entering into that deeper reflective state that I call "diving", into them - embracing them - they not only free and organically resolve themselves - they free us, bringing us equally organically to not only equilibrium, but a higher, more stable state of empowerment.

Here are three additional related guidelines to stay on this miraculous track of self-healing and empowerment:

1.  Tell yourself the whole, unconditional truth about how you really feel - and do not judge it.

2.  Challenge yourself in ways you haven't to be even more courageous in any way you feel demonstrates emotional self-responsibility.

3.   Consider how you can achieve a sense of core, authentic freedom while unconditionally accepting never knowing what the next moment - let alone tomorrow - brings . . . so how else can you let go in order to more greatly understand and accept what's real???

We know how to restore equilibrium when we access and trust our authentic self.  We are here to heal and evolve in order to create and extend a spiritual vision of love without exception, which shares infinite power to create to support the greater good, restoring equilibrium in wonderfully new, higher ways.