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The Real Key to Releasing Emotional Pain

Give Up How You Were Taught to Manage Your Emotions and Pain

We have been taught in so many ways to run from emotional pain, to resist it at all costs, to cover it up, endlessly adapt diversionary tactics to take us away from it.  None of these work: in fact, they increase and complicate whatever emotional pain we do carry.

Eh quoteEmotional pain is a signal of disquietude, unfinished therapeutic business, and unhealed trauma held at our core.  Life brings emotional pain - as Ernest Hemingway says, it breaks our hearts.  

Here is the Real Key to Healing and Strengthening Yourself and Your Life

The only way we heal and become truly stronger and greater than we were before is by surrendering to our emotional pain, being willing to unconditionally hear its full messages, view and be freely present in its memories, and accept what's real - the real meaning of the last stage of grief.

Love and loss are the sum total of our lives. We are powerless and robbed of being freely present and aware when we refuse to acknowledge and hear the expression of our emotional pain.

Are You Willing to Become Your Own Heart-Centered Hero?

Understandably this sounds before actualization like an impossible task.  It is the emotional center of the heroic journey I believe we are all meant to take to accomplish our soul's chosen purpose to heal and develop in our lives. 

The key is to be courageous and trust your own power to receive, release and transcend beyond knowing.  I believe these are the three key qualities to accomplish our spiritual and creative destiny in our lifetimes.

A Guided Meditation to Release Emotional Pain

Settle back in a comfortable, supported, relaxed position, close your eyes, and count three, full deep breaths to yourself.  For these next several breaths, when you inhale say to yourself, "I receive courage to fully, freely feel - everything."  When you exhale say to yourself, "I release all conditioned fear and resistance to embracing my own pain."

Then imagine asking your sense of your own free spirit to take you to the heart of any emotional pain you have been carrying - that you know of, and that you don't know of.  Affirm you're completely open to be carried wherever this emotional pain leads, and experience where you are led.

Complete the Journaling Exercise Which Follows for Awareness and Empowerment

When you come to a place that feels like a place of completion for now, thank your sense of your free spirit and the heart of your emotional pain for all that has been given and shown to you, and easily, gently open your eyes.  Then take a few minutes to record and/or draw your experience.

How do you feel?  Consider what you have come to understand that you didn't know before, and additionally record your insights.