Integrative health and wellness series: March 21st!
The Real Key to Releasing Emotional Pain

10 Steps to Intervene and overcome crises of faith and/or feeling hopeless

Learn to "let go" to overcome helplessness

My Journey to Transcend Through Multiple Crises to Access Divine Intervention and Success

I have been in the midst of very intense in all ways change over the past year.  I have felt hugely overwhelmed and helpless to know how to make key decisions, effect necessary outcomes, and stay afloat financially, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I've known how much I've needed inner help to sustain and transcend these challenges, let alone find real solutions.  In very new, specific and extended ways I've managed, through lots of intuitive, creative and self-healing experimentation to access, more than I ever dreamed possible, "unseen friends" who have made a critical difference in the amazing and wonderful outcomes I've experienced; and truly provided an equally surprising door that to me seems miraculous for a new beginning.

The Ten Steps I Discovered to Miraculous Outcomes and Experiencing Divine Power to Transform

YodaquoteHere are what I discovered and successfully completed as the ten required steps (in no particular order!) to receive divine intervention and create empowered outcomes of real resolution and extended growth: 

  1. LET GO of all expectation and judgment, holding yourself fully accountable ongoing to continue to do this primarily because being supremely stressed will continue to pitch to you the belief that you must "hang on at all costs" and know in advance what lies ahead - neither is possible, so this core stress response locks you into endless inner conflict, with a formidable "shut down" response.
  2. Several times a day for five minutes or longer meditate as simply as possible.  Remember to release judgment and expectation - instead think of it as "going into a zone", easy, pleasant daydreaming - what I call a "back door" approach to build the habit as a key foundation for raising consciousness, enhancing personal power, and accessing more developed and extended insight - as well as a primary de-stressor.
  3. Imagine yourself every day, whether you feel truly connected within or that you're making the whole thing up (fortunately that doesn't matter in the slightest regarding real outcomes), in whatever ways feel right to you, connecting with higher guidance, which you view as representing some aspect of the divine as a transcendent, endlessly loving, understanding support.
  4. In connecting to your particular sense of the divine/higher power/guidance (who I call "unseen spiritual forces") strongly call for help with full emotional expression and presence - by that I mean "say it like you really mean it", with a passion that fully expresses how critical it is to you to get this support - and how much you know you really need it.  You can literally yell "HELP!" as you most keenly seek this connection.  When you've finished, again, LET GO WITHOUT JUDGMENT.
  5. Stay open to unexpected, miraculous results.  You can extend your wherewithal to stay even more greatly open by affirming to yourself and whatever your authentic sense of the divine is that you want to receive any and all insights and guidance, and appreciate being supremely helped in any and all ways to recognize these results; which may come in what I call "puzzle pieces", or particular parts of the greater whole result.
  6. Keep thanking yourself, higher power, higher guidance, unseen divine forces - those you feel you consciously know and those you don't consciously know - for endless help, support, and amazing results before, during and after these occur.
  7. Consider and complete the following sentence:  If I wasn't afraid to ____________________________, I'd ________________.  The ask for divine intervention to critically help you carry out some aspect, if not all of your statement - and complete it!
  8. Ask divine guidance every day for all the courage and more, necessary to survive, heal and grow through and beyond all challenges composing your concerns, to bring you to wherever the real resolution exists.
  9. Ask divine intervention for any and all blessings to continue to be showered down on you - and the awareness to recognize them as they occur - through your heroic journey - which is what this all is, truly.
  10. Daily ask to receive full divine intervention to accept what's real, affirming your understanding and commitment to unconditionally accept and allow all feelings that occur as they occur to freely express themselves - surrendering to their course - for they will most quickly and successfully bring you higher and higher to real release, insight and conscious and creative choice-making that brings success.