Hope to Heal Trauma: How to Create Ease from Disease
Integrative health and wellness series: March 21st!

Become Your Spiritual Warrior Workshop March 12 in Rochester, NY

Sunday, March 12**9:30 am-3:30 pm**9 Terrain Drive 14618**$75 includes materials, audio

Tumblr_lr0gb7bdfi1qkkw9mo1_500We live in crisis-ridden, uniquely challenging, very galvanizing times – times that call for us to become much greater and more highly powerful than we ever thought we were for ourselves and each other – and find what we come to understand is our authentic spiritual strength beyond what we ever thought we had.

Join me in key transformational journeys to:

*unleash your spiritual warrior as your guide and rebirthed higher awakened being

*support and create the greater good – and recharge and sustain your functioning core

*much more highly develop healing, recovery and multidimensionally aligned manifestations to accelerate and expand body, mind and spirit and create higher outcomes

*keenly recognize and be able to much more easily and effectively transcend beyond power struggles and facilitate “win-win” resolutions

The spiritual warrior is a shamanic archetype, the hero/heroine of our most cherished myths; and who we struggle and aspire to be, particularly in precarious times.  We will further explore this universal archetype and the applied “cast of characters” through two major beloved stories, The Wizard of Oz and Lord of the Rings to reveal expanded intuitive, creative and spiritual guidance – and how to apply these miraculous ad inspiring directives into all aspects of our lives and relationships to become effective change agents in our time.

You can experience and share in a small nurturing group, with time to explore and develop these techniques on your own; and further share and create with everyone these unique transformational practices I’ve developed and explored especially since the fall to significantly expand personal power, free intuition, and experience and sustain radical transformation for miraculous outcomes.

Drinks and snacks included – lunch on your own.  All bankcards accepted.