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How to Go - And Stay - Higher

We Are Sinking Lower - Why, and What We Can Do About It

Recommended reading for those interested in post-election collective trauma:

  • Boston Globe article on the surge of calls and requests for help from marginalized individuals
  • article shows us that despite the levels of stress, grief, and fear - you're not alone - also discusses the importance of social and community resilience building
  • The Atlantic published a comprehensive overview of the notion of collective trauma, and the centrality of social action as a remedy for marginalized groups that now fear that their perceived loss of power/powerlessness will go unanswered (it need not, but merely satisfying self-care requirements won't be enough - read this one!)


Moving to Canada is popular, but running away isn't the answer

Post-election, through the election, we have been brought lower.  When we go lower within our own then-fractured consciousness, our baser, undeveloped selves endlessly run from facing our deepest fears, trauma, and "scripts" (by that I mean faulty belief systems that are our fragile ego's attempt to create a container for what we tell ourselves we can't face in our "deepest, darkest" selves) - and who and what we authentically are disappears from our own wherewithal to access it.


So what happens?  Our lives and our world becomes increasingly dangerous; and we project what we don't face, what we don't heal, what we don't fully resolve (and then never come to a place of real resolution, peace and personal power) over onto any designated "Other" - and discrimination, dehumanization, sanctioned violence, justification to commit outrage against our fellow beings - takes over like the speed of light.

The Real Operative Universal Law

We are witnessing the opening of our basest, undeveloped, freaked out, regressed, dysfunctional selves in our country - and there's hell to pay for us all.  "Bad karma" would be the phrase for this, with suffering, expanding conflict, racism, expanding greed and economic disparity . . . can we allow ourselves to go backwards in a world that is primed to go forward and take us, whether we like it or not, along with it?

The core operative here on the earth plane is growth towards the expanding greater good - and there are no exceptions.  Therefore, there are no "Others" that can't or shouldn't benefit from this in an endlessly, creatively unfolding present - we truly are All For One and One For All.  

Latest Research Lists Key Ways to Raise Ourselves Up

How can we find lasting peace and freedom from conflicts from within in order to create it from without?  This higher vision exists just there - at a higher vibrational level - and so we are correspondingly challenged to go higher to participate/create and align in it.

More and more cutting edge mind-body research tells us any kind of meditative practice raises our frequency level, along with forgiveness, gratitude, helping others without agenda, being fully present, experiencing joy, cooperation, being our own authentic selves, exercise, fully good nutrition, prayer, communing with nature, animals, , empowerment and assertiveness practices, "doing the right thing" - in other words, being true to our spiritual selves, spiritual practice . . . his is quite an extensive list!  

My Current Cutting Edge Practices to Raise Vibrational Frequency - and Transform

Occasional practice will produce occasional results.  Ongoing daily practices will produce a revolution to transform and uplift our consciousness - and we become greater.  What we become is all we can offer . . .  

I have been increasingly and intensively in new, integrative and energetic ways been experimenting, especially this fall, in raising vibrational frequency to access higher guidance and expand spiritual power. I've incorporated in different and integrative ways many ancient practices including shamanism, accessing the divine feminine, and sacred storytelling.

We Are Increasingly Challenged to Accept Responsibility to Go Higher

All recovery practices specifically and amazingly guide us to "go higher".  The entire 12-step program is a spiritual blueprint for expanded maturation and an evolved, caring, empowered, multidimensionally healed life of greater service to one's authentic center and relationships/world.

Are you thinking, considering how you can incorporate and experiment and investigate being your own greater self and guide to heal and access higher power in our conflict-torn, stress-addicted world?  We are responsible and endlessly capable to create and become the solution - and we are as adults never helpless to effect higher change.  

It Takes a Lot of Work to Become Your Own Hero

Yes, it takes work - and a lot of it.  Going higher requires all kinds of "boosts", very much including the willingness to admit our conditioning, our fears, our "unfinished business" - and our commitment to do what we know in our heart of hearts and our gut is right, which transforms us into being our own great heroes and heroines, stepping out of our "box", and keep climbing!

As we embark and continue. so do we receive higher and higher energy and support, always from surprising, seemingly-miraculous sources.  These exist at higher levels, as does our higher self - always waiting for us, cheering us on, supporting and protecting us.

Are You Willing to Change, Let Go, and Allowe Greater Becoming?

Who are we, really? Who do we want to become?  

Who does our spirit mean us to become? Our higher power has no limits . . . Namaste, Marjorie