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The Real Meaning of the Turkey Totem and the Spirit of Thanksgiving

image from wisdomoftheanimals.comIn shamanic terms the turkey totem's keynote title is "Giveaway" - one who gives it all away to support the greater good, and is fully cared for by the universe in return.  What a lovely, seemingly foolish idea in our greed-ridden, dominance-submission ruled culture - and how interesting that no matter what, we still cling to our Thanksgiving traditions with the holiday's center still held by this turkey.

Giving thanks is the directive - and acknowledging the abundance and gift of our blessings to survive, sustain and share.  In our most troubling times I believe this holiday in particular spiritually offers us a great deal toward self-healing, development, empowerment, and most of all universal caring without condition and without fear, to truly create and support all of our greater good.

Nine Transformational Steps to Unleash Your Power to Bless

In that spirit I want to share what I brought forth as the workshop focus in my women's self-healing and empowerment monthly group meeting last week on exploring the larger meaning and opportunity of blessings for success and higher power for all.  Here are the steps:

  1.  On a blank sheet of paper, after settling back and taking a couple of deep, cleansing breaths, and feeling yourself moving into an expanded reflective inner space, draw a vertical and a horizontal line that intersect each other in their exact center - a "plus" sign (+).
  2.  On the left end of the horizontal line write the phrase "greatest traumas", and on the right end of the horizontal line write the phrase "greatest visions".  At the top of the vertical line write the phrase "greatest hopes", and at the bottom of the vertical line write the phrase "greatest fears".
  3.  View your diagram, then focus on it for a minute or more in a deeper meditative state, and record your impressions.
  4.  Now divide another blank sheet of paper into four vertical columns, labeling them from left to right, "Greatest Traumas", "Greatest Visions", Greatest Hopes" and "Greatest Fears"; and then fold your paper so you can only see one column at a time and begin listing under each column specifically what these categories are.  Take your time . . .
  5.  When you've finished, open your paper and read through your lists, both reading down each column and reading across each line throughout each of the columns.  Once again, in a deeper meditative state, hold your focus regarding this experience and record your impressions.
  6.  Now go back to this paper and before every item on your list, including the titles of each column, write the phrase, "I bless" until you've completed it all.  Then read out loud these sentences, again taking your time, until you've finished this final version of your paper.
  7. Then draw a circle in the center intersecting point of your diagram, and in that center write in capital letters this same phrase "I bless".
  8.  Once more return to your deeper meditative space, holding your focus on your experiences directing and activating your infinite power to bless yourself and all aspects of your life without condition, and stay with all your sensations.
  9.  Then record any additional insights as you wish.

How to Achieve a State of Grace and Higher Completion

Nine in numerology, the metaphysical explanation of the meaning of each unique vibrational frequency of primary numbers, means karmic completion, and the wherewithal, in its wake, to transcend from personal to universal consciousness and "set yourself free" to transcend beyond the "action/reaction karmic wheel", as it's called.

I recommend reading your complete list in a deeper meditative state every day for a few minutes between now and the end of the year - such a powerful time - for higher completion, miracle-making and expanded becoming - as well as supporting - the greater good.  I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving and all endless giving - to more greatly receive who and what you truly are - in love and light - Marjorie




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