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You Can Heal Judgment to Effect Justice for You, for Others

The Real Truth About Judgment

image from www.justiceinschools.orgJudgment only legitimately exists in the wake of real resolution.  It involves a decision from understanding what is true by the part of us I call the freed inner observer.

Otherwise judgment is the ego's attempt to come up with an answer when there isn't any.  When judgment occurs in this way, it always reflects faulty belief systems that are created to impossibly manage unhealed emotional woundedness from past trauma.

False Judgment Comes from An Overriding Stress Response

I call this "the script" which is our ego's attempt to overcome a perceived threat to its survival.  This reflects our response to stress, which mobilizes and forces our entire being to only act on one of three choices - fight, flight or freeze.

The script holds, actually, what must be addressed, meaning fully - spiritually as well as emotionally faced and freely expressed.  We heal the scripted judgments, which always form the foundation of scripts, when we find courage at our core to listen unconditionally and simply to how we feel in the moment our "buttons are being pushed".

The Healed Codependent is the Freed Inner Observer

Notice I didn't say in those moments we have to "figure it out", analyze what is going on, fix/manage "it", or be informed before we face what will happen throughout the experience.  None of these approaches are possible, and its worth noting that they (not by accident) form the symptoms for codependency.

The inner observer looks with her gut and her heart, as well as her freed mind - by that I mean with no judgment - at what s actually going on outside and inside her, and through the process which naturally and organically unfolds, receives answers to the questions who, what, where, when, why and how.  Those unfolding answers lead us to full understanding, which in turn bring us to accept what's real - how I define the last stage of grief.

Answer These Key Questions to Expose Faulty Belief Systems and Their Dysfunctional Judgments

How can you uncover core faulty belief systems?  Here are some of the key questions I've developed through my Centering Tools practice that can also identify what gets in the way of real resolution and accompanying judgment - which is a real call to just action, as well as produces extended self-healing, empowerment and development!  Settle back into a relaxed, reflective and meditative state and record your answers:

  1. What am I afraid might happen if I do what I truly believe in my heart is right?
  2. What should I do?
  3. What will ________________ think of me if I do what I want to do?
  4. What outcomes am I most afraid of? 
  5. What did who I was most afraid of as a child tell me I should never do because something bad will happen?
  6. What makes me feel most powerless?
  7. What was I most afraid of when I was younger?
  8. What am I most afraid of now?
  9. What do I feel I must, no matter what, always avoid?
  10. If I wasn't afraid ______________ would happen, what would I do?
  11. What do I believe is really wrong/bad about me? 

Your Script and Its Judgments Revealed

Your answers are your faulty beliefs and judgments that not only project as a false identity onto you, they force corresponding action that creates and perpetuates conflict, stress, power struggles and ongoing powerlessness, and poor outcomes.  We really can't tolerate those results, but if we refuse to face our true feelings and what is actually real, we end up instead creating a delusional "container" which will be some version of a predetermined "Other", who in that delusion, personifies all the faulty judgments.

Judgment in these terms, of course, becomes blame.  Once that takes root, what follows is justification to "fight, flight, freeze" The Other, which grabs one's core energy and directs it outside of the Self, where the resultant sense of loss produces an impulse to dominate, destroy, violate or escape from The Other.

We see this well and most unfortunately played out, then, through all kinds of related unsolved crises, both personally and in our troubled, dysfunctional times. 

Here's How to Create a Miracle Resolution and True Justice for Yourself and Others

Go back to your original answers to questions 1-11 above.  Carefully rewrite each answer as its exact opposite, beginning each with the exact opposite of the corresponding question (for example, for question #1 you could say "What I am most afraid might happen if I don't do what I truly believe in my heart is right is. . .")

How do you feel, and consider the difference from how you felt when you first answered the questions.  You have just written a unique, specifically directed for you call to action and commitment for self-healing, empowerment and development that restores justice as it most quickly brings you to real resolution, higher understanding and creating your experience in alignment with spiritual law.