Serenity Prayer Decoded as a Call to Right Action and Healing
To Transform You Must Be Your Own Hero

Raise Your Vibration, Raise Your Self, Raise Your Life

The Real Meaning

Decorative-vinyl-musical-vibrations-300x300We are endlessly flowing, paradoxically intact patterns of energy.  We have the power to shift our the pattern of our energetic field and thereby "raise ourselves up" to a higher frequency level, which changes not only how we respond to our experience but our experience itself.  

Jane Roberts, in her classic and still-famous Seth books, offers extended and very detailed explanations as well as "how to's".  I have been working throughout the years of my Centering Tools practice with not only energy healing and centering techniques but how to specifically and extensively raise your vibrational frequency to heal and transform your life.

Ten Common, Simple Ways to Easily Raise Your Vibration

  1.  Listen to classical, New Age, jazz or any music you enjoy and feel relaxed and/or energized when you hear it - headphones intensifies the vibrational effect.
  2. Walk a half hour or more - an hour is much better! - in nature - if possible, near water.
  3.  Journal especially about your feelings for fifteen minutes or more - even five produces excellent benefit.
  4.  Do something you love - this could include sharing in a loving relationship.
  5.  Read poetry.
  6.  Be grateful (provided you really feel thankful about what you're saying you're grateful for!).
  7.  Help someone with no thought of receiving anything in return.
  8.  Play!!
  9.  Create . . . anything - something to eat, a drawing, craft . . .
  10.  Tell yourself looking at yourself in front of a mirror you love and accept yourself just as you are, and stay in that space for a full minute.

Its the Feelings, Not The Thoughts, That Really Count

When we daydream about what we want and are fully, emotionally present in that vision, our feelings associated with this vision raise our vibrational frequency.  When we are assertive and truly honest with ourselves - being our own authentic self - we raise our vibrational frequency.

When we ask for spiritual guidance and connection that resonates at our core, and feel ourselves connected to whatever represents spiritual (higher) power, we raise our vibrational frequency.  This is why prayer truly uplifts, as well as any spiritual work.

Change Your Foundation of Being

Our energy changes, we interpret and view our reality accordingly, and as we literally "go higher", we also move to lighter and freer space - more of it! - which attunes us to relatedly respond and receive like minded experience.  Last but definitely not least, any meditative experience fully and centrally raises vibrational frequency - it will change your foundation of being.  

When we talk about "boosting self esteem", we're really talking about boosting our energetic field and changing our flow.  We have this truly infinite power to "set ourselves right" . . .

Namaste, Marjorie