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The Real Miracle This Season Is Hope

Hope Surprises Beyond Understanding

image from thumbs.dreamstime.comPost-Thanksgiving and zooming toward Christmas, Hanukah, Divali, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, New Year's...I find myself especially this year, this almost-year anniversary of my oldest daughter's death, recorded on her death certificate as "December 25 (approximate)" - aware that without knowing quite how I got here in the face of this horrific tragedy, feeling a sense of hope.  I think hope is the real message of this season, actually, the core of the Christmas story that brought hope to a terrified, stripped, conquered land...and I think hope is the shining theme of all the holidays we celebrate right up through New Year's.

I think of hope as what prompts us when, in this darkest time of year in my neck of the woods, we affirm light.  To be thankful has unfortunately taken on a lot of hype in recent years, as well as a simplistic interpretation that can easily imply it is not okay to not just be grateful...for everything...anything...Life after all carries multiple dimensions, and they all, I believe, demand equal, separate, unconditional acknowledgment - especially all feelings.

Please Reflect on Your Present Story of Hope

Otherwise we cannot be whole and able to align with our prime spiritual directive to become greater; and create in higher, more aware, wonderfully impacting ways.  We cannot return again and again to more greatly understand the meaning of love...which our world, to me, needs just about as badly as the world did when Jesus was born and, even earlier, when, as the Hanukah story tells, Judah Maccabee liberated Israel from ancient Greece's domination.

It has been said that hope reigns supreme - so I ask you to consider, in a deeper, reflective state, your sense of where hope exists inside you?  Then consider how you can truly offer hope to those you love, to those you see in dire need, to any part of our suffering, hopeless, violence-addicted world you can possibly access, no matter how small the way seems - for Hope Transforms - is the real message that leaps out at me this holiday season.  

Hope Heals.

Hope Uplifts...Evolves.

Hope Births Love.

Hope Unites Along Higher, Real Levels of Awareness and Understanding.

You  can ask for hope - imagine you can ask a guide, God, the universe, your higher self, nature...ask.

I have been watching again the amazing Ken Burns documentary that was shown on PBS last fall, The Roosevelts.  What strikes me about FDR, as so many have commented, is that the gift he brought to our broken country upon his election in 1933 was hope.

I was listening a little while ago to the Forrest Gump soundtrack, speaking of an endlessly hopeful  hero who was so evolved emotionally despite (because of?!) his mental limitations...specifically the song Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, the wonderful musical theme of one of my favorite moviesButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...

"...but there's one thing I know, the blues they send to meet me won't defeat me...I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining...because I'm free... won't be long before happiness steps up to greet me..."

Look as hard as you can, take as long as it takes to be hopeful about as many things as you can sincerely acknowledge in your life - is my sincere and heartfelt wish for you this year that's almost ended, to birth what is new for all our greater good - Namaste, Marjorie