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How to Change Vibrational Frequency

Everything that Exists is Simply a Particular Pattern of  Cohesive But Shifting Energy

Everything exists in its essence as patterns of shifting energy that somehow holds its focus long enou image from to take shape in physical reality - quite the paradox, if you think about it!  In physics, as well ax in metaphysical and  holistic terms, energy emits a "charge", or vibrational frequency - and so all manifestations in physical reality have this corresponding "vibe".  

It is so easy to sense this charge, or frequency.  When we talk about feeling "bad" or "good" vibes, we are describing a particular sensory impression with, of course, a judgment attached to it.  It is also easy to expand our ability to sense the particular "charge" for emotions, environments, experiences...and ourselves, as well as others.

You Can Shift Your Patterns and Change How You Respond Through These Meditative Practices

This ability that we all have is a foundational step toward being able to shift frequencies, and therefore "shift" our sense of being and wherewithal to synchronize with experience, which we do ongoing.  Jerry and Esther Hicks, through channeling Abraham, talk a lot about how to clearly identify feelings as patterns of energy, with the understanding that particular feelings carry particular vibrational frequencies which can be shifted.

Here are some related experiments to try:

  1.  Close your eyes, allow your breath to quite easily and naturally deepen, and count five full breaths.  Imagine and continue to focus on your sense of the energetic pattern of each breath; and then consider, however you imagine it to be, the vibrational frequency of these breaths.  Does it feel each breath runs along the same frequency?  Record your experiences and impressions.
  2. Now consider in this moment how you are feeling, and again, imagine as above, each feeling as its own energetic pattern with its own "charge" that runs along a particular vibrational frequency.  Focus on just one feeling in this way, and imagine you can ask it to continue to flow toward a place of resolution, or completion, however this occurs.  Again, record your experiences and impressions.
  3. Finally, consider how you want to feel.  Continue to focus on this feeling as you imagine it to exist energetically.  Imagine it running along its own vibrational frequency, holding your focus until you have a sense of completion and well being. as before, record your experiences and impressions.

Expand Your Inner Perceptions, Expand Your Self, Expand Your World, Expand Your Experience For the Better!

You have just shifted vibrational frequency and significantly opened your ability to access deeper, more meaningful and helpful insights.  When you envision what you want, it emits a "feeling charge", actually, that correspondingly shifts your vibrational frequency and moves to align differently at an energetic level in the world.  

All meditative practices shift vibrational frequency.  Whatever brings you joy offers a corresponding "override" energetically to fully shift the vibrational frequency you "ride along" to a higher, more supportive and expansive level.