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How to Free and Activate Your Vision

The Gift – And Risk – of Envisioning image from thumbs.dreamstime.com

Yes, this is the first blog article I’ve written since my return late last month from my European and New York city travels for a month.  It has been a year of terrible loss and wonder for me, and somehow I have found my way – with amazing support and guidance – to knowing I can live in and through loss, and continue to accept and honor my own unique power to envision.

I believe envisioning supports core healing and development; and that it defines us in our core to unshakeable identity and actualization through unleashing our endless power to create.  Visioning is as natural to us as breathing…and yet, we live in a world that carries a pathological dictate to deny and dismantle it.

Vision’s Sole Requirement

When we the last time you envisioned?  Whenever you daydream, imagine what you wish, dare to just allow that to all unfold in your heart, from your soul, you envision.

Visioning requires freedom in order to exist and “weave” within its full power to create itself.  It is our soul’s partner, our source of inspiration to support our own and the world we live in’s greater good.

The Key How-to’s for Successful Visioning

What gets in the way of freeing our vision?  Unmitigated stress, dysfunction, disempowerment, victimization, and untreated addiction are key factors.

So recovery of our authentic, caring selves; and the ongoing commitment to continue to integratively, multidimensionally provide for the sustenance of who and what we really are is how we free our vision to activate.  Any way – every way – however you act in your life which produces any/all of these results will free, open, expand, uplift, and actualize your vision.

The Real Loss of Not Freely Visioning

Freedom is indeed a divine right, and as divine beings of multidimensional consciousness, we are unconditionally meant to have that right…and to just as unconditionally support others’ wherewithal to be free.  As Norman Rockwell so powerfully illustrated for the Saturday Evening Post in the war-torn nineteen forties, Freedom from Want, from Prejudice, etc., centrally protect and allow us to be who and what we really are.

We don’t do well as spiritual beings when we are diminished.  We become hurt, hopeless and angry – the emotional stages of grief, when we are diminished.

Some Meditative and Journaling Exercises to Unleash Your Power to Vision

When we are diminished, we lose our power to envision, to create – and therefore, to heal and develop.  Ask yourself then, in a deeper reflective state, how diminished you feel? 

As you continue to reflect back on your life, can you remember other key times you felt diminished?  What happened? 

The Guidelines to Synchronize Your Creative Vision to Manifest and Extend Itself

Did you find a resolution?  Did that involve activating a vision?

I invite you in this magnificently-colored fall, just beyond the truly transformational lunar eclipse, to creatively determine, through all the ways described above, your core transformational vision – and commit to holding it more dear than anything you hold dear in your life…so as to honor and protect its unleashing power to create itself for and with you.

Our individual authentic soul visions commit, in turn, to unleash their miraculous power to transform to make whole a critically needy world.

Namaste, Marjorie