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July 2014

Despair is so difficult to heal from because often people are not comfortable admitting to themselves or to their social, spiritual, and mental support systems that they're feeling it in the first place. The first step must be to acknowledge it in a public space. Read more →

This empowerment fable for women and girls follows the journey of Merinda, who is so caught up in “pleasing to survive” that she is unaware how she has cut herself off from being able to listen to and be her own authentic self. Read more →

Limited time offer: purchase a download card & receive 10% off a one-on-one session (valid for 30 min. or 60 min. session!) Our new download tokens/cards are a convenient way to improve your mental health on the go. Once you receive your token, all you need to do is follow the instructions and redeem your guided meditation audios! Listen on any mp3 comptabile device (computer, laptop, smartphone, mp3 player). Read more →

How Can We Know What Really is Toxic for Us? There is so much hype about metaphysically and holistically ridding yourself of what is toxic to you that makes it even more difficult to know what is and is not.... Read more →