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Ten Empowerment Affirmations for Healing and Achievement

Do They Work?  How?

Affirmations help you center, focus on what you really want, seed your subconscious with positive direction, restore hope and motivation – and transmit to align with the universe of possibilities to manifest your dreams.  For additional ideas, information and how-to’s, check out Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Secret; and any of the Seth books by Jane Roberts, as well as Sanaya Roman and Dwayne Packer, Catherine Ponder, and Florence Scovel Shinn

Here’s my prescription on working with these ten (the number of exponential increase) for transformation and spiritual/creative support along the way,  to empower your dreams: 

1. Say these ten sentences below for ten minutes every day, either for five minutes at a time or the full ten.  Set it up so that you won’t be disturbed, and use your imagination to picture each sentence, however you wish, being all that exists for you when you focus on it for a minute or so.

2. Then let it go – very important – and go about your day with a sense that what you’ve done is working in its unique and powerful way for and with you.  Understand you don’t have to know about it – just  trust it – and your freedom and creativity to stay open and choose what progressively supports the outcome. 

Try this for forty days (the time to jumpstart outcomes), and see what happens!

The Affirmations

1.   I accept and love myself without condition.

2.   I am enough in all ways.

3.   I am okay.

4.   I am free.

4.   I know and choose what is best for me.

5.   I am at peace.

6.   I have the power to create my dreams.

7.   I know what I want.

8.   I successfully partner with the universe of possibilities to manifest my choices.

9.   I trust myself and the greater good, always present.

10. I am willing to receive in all ways the limitless abundance that is here for me.


 all the best for you in the world of infinite possibilities…marjorie