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Ten Empowerment Affirmations for Healing and Achievement

Five Minutes a Day Can Keep You Going

The Tool That Heals, Releases, Uplifts, Transforms

It’s free…you know how to do this…it recharges, clears, strengthens and nurtures your entire energetic field –not to mention your heart beat, digestive track, breathing, brain and psyche.  Here’s the best centering tool –as old as we humans are – meditate.

It heals and transforms us.  It empowers and allows us to be present in our lives.

It Will Transform the World

It’s what I call “mental aerobics” – and the more regularly you do it, the better you handle your life.  I believe it is the single simplest, most fundamental wellness and spiritual practice that can transform the world.

Do you do it?  Every day? 

Can You Give Yourself Five Minutes a Day?

If not, why not?  Don’t have time…don’t know how…

Don’t have five minutes a day – more is better but five will do – to:

1.  Refuse to be disturbed

2.  Settle back into a comfortable, relaxed, open, supported, aligned position

3.  Close your eyes to tune out the outside world

4.  Just pay attention to how easily and naturally your breath becomes even and regular

5.  Enjoy the oxygen bath as you gently, quickly guide your body and mind to take on the endless, open rhythm of your breath by counting five, full, deep breaths to yourself

6.  Then let your breath – and you – GO by saying to yourself as you inhale for these next several breaths, “Receive…let be…”; and as you exhale for these next several breaths, “Release…let go…”

7.  Continue for a minute or so to simply experience your sense of your body, mind, and spirit at one with your flowing, infinite breath which moves all around and through you now, extending and extending beyond your being to form its own radiant cocoon, like a bubble, in which you float…

Just be here now….just be here now…

When you feel complete in this experience for now, knowing you can return whenever you wish by repeating these steps, very easily and naturally allow your endless breath to carry you back and back, so lightly and freely, until you gently return to full, waking consciousness…and when you’re ready, open your eyes.

Consider – are you worth 5 minutes or more a day?  Would it make it even easier to hear a guided meditation?

I Can Offer You Free and More…

Click on the link below to try whichever downloadable audio you wish:

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You really can set yourself free…see what happens! 

Namaste, Marjorie