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Download card promotion: FAQ and offer details

How it works/FAQ

Heal-Balance Body Mind Spirit card - frontFrequently asked questions and explanation of the download card promotional offer 

Note that this offer (good for a 10% reduced fee for your next one-on-one live or telephone session with Marjorie) is for our CDBaby download cards. Download cards are a convenient, cost-effective way to redeem, download, and listen to our guided meditation collections. 

Can any download card be used to redeem and download any album on CDBaby?

No, each download card is associated with a specific album.  For example, if you select the "Accept & Love Yourself" download card, then the redeem code you will use to retrieve the album is paired up with only those tracks included in the corresponding album/constitutent tracks. 

Once the transaction is completed via PayPal, we will ship the card to the address you provided during the checkout process. Please allow 3-5 days maximum for domestic shipping arrivals.

Once you get the card in the mail, you'll see that to retrieve and download the guided meditation album, you'll be directed to and you simply input the redeem code there. Download times for the entire album should be relatively fast/not more than a few minutes at the most.

What if there's a problem with the card (i.e. the redeem code is invalid or I have some other issue)?

Questions should be addressed to Marjorie (send us an email) and/or directly to CDBaby technical support email at

How will I receive the 10% discount off my next scheduled session?

During the checkout, you'll be able to select which type of session you want (phone or in-person) as well as the duration (30 vs 60 min.) and we will be able to see those preferences and notate your account. We'll promptly follow up with you so that you can be scheduled right away.

If I want to schedule a session and take advantage of the promotion after purchasing a download card, how much will I pay and/or what's the regular fee for scheduling sessions?

With the 10% discount after purchase of a download card, a 30-min session will cost only $36.00, while a 60-min session will have the reduced price of $72.00. These prices apply to both phone and live sessions.