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June 2014

Affirmations help you center, focus on what you really want, seed your subconscious with positive direction, restore hope and motivation – and transmit to align with the universe of possibilities to manifest your dreams. Read more →

It’s free…you know how to do this…it recharges, clears, strengthens and nurtures your entire energetic field –not to mention your heart beat, digestive track, breathing, brain and psyche. Here’s the best centering tool –as old as we humans are – meditate. It heals and transforms us. It empowers and allows us to be present in our lives. It will transform the world... Read more →

In spiritual terms all change is about more greatly finding yourself and seeing the truth about the world you live(d) in. These two results reshape you to “meet”, through your life’s journeys, your truly desired “change(s). Read more →