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Ten Quick and Easy (or Down and Dirty!) Ways to Erase Stress

Try These Ten Radical Ways to Bust Out of Stress Stress-relief-kit-252x3002

Get ready, gang – I’m going to go way out of the box here!  When you’re so freaked out, stressed out, and strung out, here’s how to bust out of it:

1.  Walk/run in any kind of weather as long as you dress for it and it doesn’t have real potential to kill you, preferably in nature, for a minimum of an hour.

2.  Get off by yourself, which could include driving; and yell, cry and otherwise fully express your feelings without holding anything back, until you’re hoarse (and beyond even!), about what’s driving you nuts.

3.  Count fifty full, deep breaths to yourself – best surprise is you fall asleep before you’re finished – otherwise after the first ten breaths, every time you inhale say “free”, and every time you exhale say “me”.

4.  Say out loud to yourself, “I’m really sorry about this” five times, and then write for another five minutes how you wish things could be.  Then say, “I will/Thy Will Be Done”.

5.   Make a list of at least ten people (living, dead, famous whom you’ve never met) you love.  Then spend a few moments picturing each one.

6.  Hug anyone (this includes kids, pets, teddy bears) you feel good with, and say to yourself or out loud, thank you for being here now.

7.  Ask someone who you honestly feel in your core cares about you, who will help, to do one thing to ease your stress and/or support your sense of being.

8.  Spend fifteen minutes remembering (and fully imagine you return there) a happy, relaxing experience you’ve had – and then write it as a fairy tale – you could even draw picture(s).

9.  “Play hooky” for at least an hour from something.

10.  Schedule a full day for yourself with zero obligations to do something completely outside the ordinary that makes you feel good and that gets you away “from it all” within three weeks at most – and no matter happens, other than a life-death emergency, TAKE IT.

Remember Who and What You Really Are

Remember – life goes on . . . stress kills – and we’re all meant to meet life’s and the universe’s challenges to truly and freely choose life .. . and fully honor our passage in it!  Let me know your results, please, by sharing your comments at the end of this article to support and inspire others; and further acknowledge your own self-caring and power . . .

Namaste, Marjorie