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Now: Merinda Empowerment and Recovery Audio and Guided Meditations for Children and Adults

Merinda and the Magic Mirror 5-Track Downloadable Audio Card Including Story and Four Guided Meditations: 115 Minutes, $30


Now you can enter into the transformational world of Merinda and the Magic Mirror, an empowerment fable for all ages.  See how you can empower and heal yourself to become who you really want and need to be! 

The recording of the story, complete with music and wonderful sound effects created by composer Mike Deiure, presents Merinda, a “good little girl pleasing to survive”, who loses her sense of self through experiencing many levels of bullying.  She is taken on a magical journey to “the world up above” where she discovers the wonder of who and what she really is . . . and becomes her authentic and empowered self.

More About the Story

I see the story as a key “handle” to self-healing, recovery, empowerment, and transformation. It is a simple metaphor that offers centering inner “links” to children and adults who feel they have lost their sense of self to be able to develop truly greater selves, and the wherewithal to successfully meet and transcend life’s challenges.

Bullying has finally become a key topic and recovery focus for our times. Merinda is fundamentally a story about understanding that bullying only continues to occur when we believe ourselves to be victims, which directly creates an inner “giveaway” of ourselves along with a covered-up “inner bully.”

Like Merinda, we “please to survive.” Dysfunction creates and perpetuates unending power struggles in relationships endlessly ricocheting between dominance and submission. I am excited to tell Merinda’s story in all settings that commit to teambuilding, interdependence, new leadership skills, and healing partnerships. There is additional significant applicability for conflict resolution and self-directed initiatives.

Downloadable Audio Card Album Includes:

Track 1: Audio version of Merinda and the Magic Mirror

Track 2: Guided Meditation for Children Ages 5-12: Releasing Stress, Feeling Safe

Track 3: Guided Meditation for children Ages 5-12: Relaxation, Building Self-Esteem

Track 4: Self-Healing: Recovering Your Inner Child to Rebuild Trust, Empowerment

Track 5: Forgiveness: Healing the Past

The Guided Meditations:

In Children's “Wish-full” Releasing Stress, Feeling Safe and Building Self-Esteem, your children can release stress and build self-esteem by listening (and you can join them!) to these two audio tracks that help them feel safe, free from anxiety and empowered.  They will relax and feel more focused and at ease from a greater sense of balance in both mind and body; and learn to support themselves from their own authentic and developing inner center.

In Recovering Your Inner Child you can heal and develop, despite childhood trauma and woundedness, to recover and free your inner child through this wonderful guided meditation. Your integrated and whole inner child will in turn restore trust, wonder, creative freedom, integration and delight for you to be fully, joyfully present in the world.

In Forgiveness: Healing the Past you will experience an amazing inner journey of greater understanding and acceptance of your past, where you can forgive and release yourself from its unfinished business and grief. You will finally free and heal yourself to move forward to a lifetime of love and fulfillment.

I have discovered through over twenty years of working with clients suffering from many kinds of trauma stemming from an unhealed past that, in many significant ways, continuing to carry the past physically, emotionally and mentally haunts and damages any capacity to be truly focused and successful in the present. In addition, there is strong evidence through decades of mind-body research that centrally suggests that a lack of forgiveness causes major illnesses and compromises or even prevents recovery.


"Marjorie's audios are a source of comfort and healing for me. I find myself moving into a place of deep relaxation and peace. I don't seem to have a care in the world when Marjorie's soothing voice carries me to another place and time. I am grateful for the love and concern that she has so evident in each of her audios."- Daniel Clas

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