Can You BE at Peace This Year?
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How to Find (and Keep!) Your Great Light

Are We Really the Source of Great Light?

December is the darkest time of year, which underscores the meaning of all of our current holidays centering around rediscovering and celebrating light.  Our calendar year in this time comes to its determined end, and we can be moved to take stock with the approaching New Year celebration to both look backward and forward to find our way from a place of choice and heartfelt desire to create anew.

How, then, can we find – and keep our authentic individual “light”?  How can we understand in ways that have meaning for us, our inner “center” as being that great light?

A Little Light Goes a Long Way to Stay Centered

Our lives darkly unfold.  By that I mean daily experience occurs in its way as an unknown.

A “little light” is realistically as good as it gets to add to our power to make our way in the world – and so it must be enough.  I offer as my end of this year gift to you five key ways to transform in your greater – “lighter”, as it were, self:

Five Key Ways to Find and Keep Inner Light

1.  Breathe in a space of no-thing.  Breath in these terms means its actual root of being spirit – your spirit – your breath.  Any uncompromised meditative experience lasting whatever time it can will transport you beyond, which is where your “light” of becoming and being IS.

2.  Love freely and without condition wherever you discover openings exist – especially your Self.  If you honestly feel you are unable to do that, ask your sense of the infinite to help you find your way; or imagine you can do this and fully experience that as a present daydream.

3.  Ground yourself with any/all of the four elements – earth, air, fire and water.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to go outside for an hour – moving helps a lot to restore your own fundamental place of flow.

4.  Experience however you can access it what authentically feels to you to be abundance.  Abundance reflects and demonstrates light – if you’re not sure what I mean by this, by all means contact me to discuss further – and ask your sense of your higher self to show you.

5.  Experiment for whatever amount of time you will commit to with some choice you make to let go.  Light needs space to appear and grow.

And Beyond, Rise to Your Challenge to Trust

Trust in your foundational power to continue to make your way in the unknown darkness of what hasn’t yet unfolded yet, and take your sense of what you truly desire as your vision to continue, amazingly and miraculously, light your way . . .

All the best - in Love and Light - Marjorie