Meditation and Journaling Tools to Get Through and Beyond the Holidays at the Wilmot Cancer Center at Strong Hospital
How to Find (and Keep!) Your Great Light

Can You BE at Peace This Year?

Our Call to Transcend to Become Greater Selves

It is so elusive – and how could it not be in our violent world – and yet it remains the great message of this holiday season – of every holiday season every December.  Peace . . . peace . . . we are told to seek, in our hearts, in our world . . .

I explored, through shamanic journeying in last month’s women’s self-healing and spirituality group, how we can find our own authentic path to peace.  Shamanic journeying is an ancient meditative practice accompanied by drumming to transcend, through inner journeying, the physical realm into the spiritual realm to receive healing and guidance for key life challenges.

What is Your Present Path to Peace?

Our focus was to explore what is my present path for peace?  As I frequently do when everyone shares their inner journey, I took thematic notes in the order the sharing occurred, which I then offer back to everyone as the steps to achieve this focus.

In keeping with the season and the urgency in our world for self-transformation, as what I believe is the only way we will ever have peace, I want to share these notes with you.  I invite you to then use these as a guide to take your own meditative journeys to discover your own path to peace.

Five Steps to Transform

You can journal and share your insights with whoever you most care about to spread, as the original holiday message describes, your discovery – and keep your light close and dear to your heart in the days to come.  Here are the steps I noted:

1.  Acknowledge there is multidimensional veil over peace, and allow it to reveal all its gifts in its place beyond struggle.

2.  Face your own field of operation and response, and commit to “clean out” whatever has not been forgiven to allow clarity and freedom to be fully present, and enter.

3.  Resultant growth identifies the true source of your authentic center of choice and creation.

4.  Then there is core movement through many dimensions for sharing and release, to understand and develop.

5.  An emerging divine order recreates right relations to restore harmony and compassion.

Your True Gift

Consider with each number what choices you can make today regarding any/all life concerns and challenges as your powerful path to peace?  The “present” of becoming more greatly present, aware, and empowered is all you can offer a world desperate to transform and transcend dysfunction.

Namaste, Marjorie