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Women and Girls Empowerment Fable Book Launch, Roch, NY Dec 9

Merinda and the Magic Mirror

A Tiny Tale of Transformation for all Ages

By Marjorie Baker Price


Book Launch and Holiday Celebration

Author Signing and Talk

*Bring Food donation for Brighton Food Cupboard

And Receive Free Starbucks Coffee

Monday Dec 9 from 6-9pm

Carmen Clark Lodge at the Brighton Town Park

777 Westfall Rd 14620

Free and Open to the Public

Light refreshments will be served


Please come and bring your friends and family to this unique community event to launch the empowerment fable for women and girls by Marjorie Baker Price, just published through Productivity Publications. The book includes Your Magic Mirror by Marjorie and Kay Whipple, the special journaling and guided meditation section which follows the book. The book is available online at Amazon.com and other online bookstores as well as to order at any bookstore across the country.

Merinda and the Magic Mirror presents a little girl who is so caught up in “pleasing to survive” that she is unaware that she is cut off from being able to listen and be her own authentic self.  It presents her journey of transformation, looking within to find herself, knowing she really can freely, creatively respond in empowered ways.  It breaks repeated cycles of dependence and abuse, supporting self-healing and inner trust.

I will also present a guided meditation, read a section from the book; and talk, along with Kay Whipple and illustrator Colleen Porter, about key concepts of this “tiny tale of transformation for all ages.” Centering Tools™ guided meditation/hypnosis audios, self-healing and development books, and intuitive affirmation cards will also be available for purchase.

Here are some early local testimonials:

“A priceless treasure! On the surface this is a symbolic representation of a self-fulfilling prophecy, yet this delves deeper. Merinda promotes awareness, recognition, and comfort in knowing and seeing from a place of inner calm. It is more important than ever in our fast-paced, outer world for children big and small.”

June Bailey, Assistant Middle School Principal, Greece Central School District

“This wonderful fable offers a simple, central way for young girls to learn to find and develop their own sense of self and trust, to stand up to bullying and the many external pressures in a challenging and risky world, and empower themselves.”

Lou Bivona, Chairman and Founder of NCMEC/NY, Bivona Child Advocacy Center

“Through her simple tale, Merinda and the Magic Mirror, Marjorie Baker Price has captured the essence of codependency and the incredible gift that personal empowerment brings.

I have known Marjorie Price for 15 years in the roles of therapist, mentor, colleague, and friend. Through her brilliant holistic, intuitive, and counseling work, Marjorie has transformed the lives of countless women, myself included.

With Merinda and the Magic Mirror, Marjorie Price has brought her gift of transformation and healing to the public. By reading the story and utilizing the accompanying workbook, you too can realize the freedom that personal empowerment brings.

I highly recommend Merinda and the Magic Mirror to anyone who is ready to break the bonds of codependency and start living their own, incredibly joyous life!”

Leila Kirdani, MD, Quality of Life Medicine

“Marjorie is a credible authority on creating an authentic, empowered Self by looking within.  She offers a distinct way to transform how we see ourselves as women – to be genuine, bold, whole and free.  Merinda and the Magic Mirror illustrates how to know, appreciate, and care for ourselves, and how powerful it is to love and accept ourselves just as we are.

Marjorie’s insight, wisdom, and talents have helped me discover what I couldn’t on my own.  She is a true gift to women.”

Tera Storms, Psy. D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist