Thanking is Completion
Meditation and Journaling Tools to Get Through and Beyond the Holidays at the Wilmot Cancer Center at Strong Hospital

How to Access Your Great Spirit to Give And Receive . . . Miracles

In Honor of You and Your Amazing Work

At this time of Thanksgiving, as the world is so centrally and greatly shifting, we can celebrate our shared Native American roots as a sacred path for healing and empowerment.  I work so much, both in my practice and my own life, especially with complicated and peaking challenges, in how to access and develop our power to connect and support our own Great Spirits as a unique expression of the All That Is.

In honor of you and your amazing work to support all greater good and the key spirit of this holiday, along with the interesting and unusual synchronicity of Hanukah this eve as part of my “roots”, I want to share ten points of reference as key practices to access your Great Spirit:

Ten Techniques to Experience Your Great Spirit

1.  The word ‘breath” means “spirit”.  The greater and freer you breathe, the more you draw Great Spirit to you; and from there allow your Great Spirit to flow all around and through you as a mind-body-spirit act of being and becoming

2.  Meditation is fundamentally a simple practice involving putting your body in a free, relaxed, comfortable, balanced, supported position; allowing your focus to be quite easily and naturally drawn in (easily accomplished by closing your eyes and making sure you’re not externally distracted during the practice); and lightly observing and allowing the hypnotic power of your even, free, open breaths to move you into a relaxed, clear, flowing sense of being.  Guided meditation can do a lot of this “work” for you, which is why I’ve created the many audios on this web site and continue to offer custom-designed guided meditation exercises to clients.

3.  Ground yourself.  Fundamental ways to do this include walking/being outside, taking a bath/shower, being well hydrated – water’s the thing! – and getting adequate nutrition and full, uninterrupted rest.

4.  Continue to check in with yourself about your sense of balance in your ongoing life and commit to ongoing adjustments where necessary.  Here’s the deal – we don’t do well – perhaps don’t function at all – when we are centrally out of balance.

5.  Consider your sense of integrity.  Go deeply into this sense, and choose and respond from it.

6.  Additionally, be courageous.  Your Great Spirit will always support and guide you, and you will heal and grow.

7.  Don’t lie – to yourself or anyone else.  Admit the truth and trust that seeking the truth and embracing the truth above all else will free and strengthen you.

8.  Feel your feelings without agenda or condition – they are the door to your spirit, and part of you.

9.  Trust your emerging sense of your Great Spirit even if you feel you don’t fully understand it. Trusting is really about recovering how you can trust yourself, having nothing to do, actually, with outcomes.

10. Hope, don’t expect – vision, don’t manage/fix.

Great Blessings in This Time of Great Openings

I wish you and your Great Spirit at this time of great shifts and great potential to bring forth miracles Happy Giving – and Receiving – Thanks to support the greater balance of our world – Marjorie