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Peace, Intimacy, Freedom

My Overextension and Pain Opened This Door

It has been sad for me that its been again awhile since I’ve written a blog article.  I’ve had lots of involvement in new work projects – publishing and seminars – and on the home front, “the beat goes on” with extended family concerns, rites of passage events – and of course, daily life commitments.

I saw my acupuncturist, Dawn Mamikunian, recently to more acutely treat a corresponding flare-up with my longstanding arthritis that I believe ongoing energy work and other holistic therapies have successfully kept pretty quiet for many decades.  She said she was intuitively moved to randomly open the book A Course in Miracles, which revealed the following passage that she read to me, titled “Peace, Intimacy, and Freedom”.

An Integrated and Infinite Triangle of Holism

That passage profoundly struck me, and as these things go, I shared my key thoughts that came through the inner work that I did after with clients that I am now wanting to offer to you.  What an amazingly integrated and infinite triangle of holism Peace, Intimacy and Freedom form!

We suffer when we are separated from any of them.  We are centered, endlessly protected and empowered through this open yet intact, flowing yet stable, triangle/universe.

When Missing, “There is the Devil to Pay”

When peace, intimacy and freedom are missing or fractured, dysfunction, codependency, entanglement, addiction, hopelessness, blame, and violence result.  These results extend their poisonous effects terribly, horribly into ours and others lives; and great suffering results and continues until recovery can occur.

We functionally recover and transform into our higher selves whenever and however we heal and develop.  Here, then, are some  self-healing, development and very restorative recommendations for you:

An Exercise to Create and Transform

Settle back into a comfortable, relaxed position and take 5 deep, cleansing breaths.  As you continue to inhale and exhale evenly and automatically, say to yourself the word Peace; and after a minute or so, continue this exercise by saying the word Intimacy; and lastly after another minute chanting in this way, say the word Freedom as you continue your regular, deep breathing.

Now open your eyes and spend a few minutes recording and/or drawing your experience, noting how you felt throughout the exercise.  When I created this I realized when we allow our breath – the word of which means spirit – to unleash itself and express its fully cleansing, life-sustaining, nurturing qualities, it delivers peace, intimacy and freedom into us and every part, every cell of our being; and so we literally are drawn into that triangle of infinite wellness, upliftment and love.

Utilize The Power of Ten For Success

List ten ways you can restore and extend peace, freedom and intimacy in your life now – and here’s what may sound like “the kicker” – imagining there are no limits (which can remove the ego’s conditioned judgments).  To clarify, I’m asking you to list ten ways for peace, ten ways for intimacy, ten ways for freedom . . . the only requirement is to dare to write what you really want . . . what your heart wants.

I invite and challenge you to pick one from each list and for the next 45 days (how long it takes to break and replace habits), take any action that demonstrates/leads to/produces this result.  I find myself thinking now – what impact would this have in our relationships, our communities, our world????

Please share your results and comments at the end of this article as offerings to help and inspire us all – in love and light – Marjorie