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October 2013

A Tragedy and a Message for Our Times

We remain such a barbaric society in great denial, filled with excuses, blame, resentment and entitlement that takes us as far away from our own great spirits as it endlessly perpetuates great abuse. No wonder we cannot make peace within and without! The political challenges of our times are the spiritual challenges of our times; and we cannot afford to continue to deny, excuse, justify and blame who we decide to objectify, neglect and violate. As it was said, “what we do to the least of them . . . ” we do to ourselves – and we all continue to lose...We can only recover through self-healing, which then leads to enlightened knowing about how to really care and be compassionate without condition. That in turn supports the greater good – said to be our spiritual mission – that we continue to seek to actualize throughout our lifetimes. Read more →

A service in celebration of Mother Earth. Integrating world music with songs from the wild, Missa Gaia celebrates the whole earth as a sacred space. This popular contemporary service features an expanded joint and community choir directed by Vera Forster, and a unique instrumental ensemble including soprano sax, percussion and a host of animal voices. Join us for this wonderful celebration of Creator and Creation including the wolf, the whale and loon! Read more →

Peace, Intimacy, Freedom

When peace, intimacy and freedom are missing or fractured, dysfunction, codependency, entanglement, addiction, hopelessness, blame, and violence result. These results extend their poisonous effects terribly, horribly into ours and others lives; and great suffering results and continues until recovery can occur. We functionally recover and transform into our higher selves whenever and however we heal and develop. Read more →

Rise to Your Next Level: How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Profoundly Uplift Your Level of Being and Response-Everything exists, functions and shifts at an energy level...in this “next step” day-long workshop intensive...Saturday, October 26 from 9am-4pm in Rochester, NY 14618 Read more →