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How Hope Hurts . . . and Heals

What is Your Course of Healing, Development, Higher Choice and Discovery?

I wrote this poem about a month ago, living in my friend’s apartment for a couple of weeks while helping my daughter with the last “set ups” for her wedding.  Her and her husband (and partner for many years) came into town to visit this weekend, so happy and truly “set up”, actually, in their new vision of marriage that was so long in coming.

I found myself reflecting again on their amazing odyssey of healing, development, higher choice and discovery.  They gained and lost seemingly infinite cycles of hope – and gained anew each time they found themselves newly defining it.  I think that is the story of all development, personal gain, and healing. 

Use This Poem as Your Own Transformative Journey to Healing, Development and Success

On that note, I invite you to settle back and read these lines that I wrote, noticing each line is followed by a blank one – each line becoming your own intuitive “opener”.  When you’re finished, journal some about how you feel, including your thoughts . . . and then read only one line at a time before, after each line, recording your insights.


Some logistics can help it float, really

Hearts love to hope endlessly

It tries to fill our holes

Doesn’t care either about fears, plans, hurt . . .

Just wants to extend, activate, love and vision.

(We really can’t live without it)

So delicate, it is invincible

Find Out How to Allow Hope to Return and Uplift

It is so elusive and changeable, hope – it hurts and heals – and yet it returns again and again in the most surprising and elegant ways to support, sustain and uplift us when we are critically challenged and at a crossroads of decision.  Let me know in the comments below this entry how you access hope, what it does for you, and what you most hope for this year for . . . (see how you’re moved to compete this sentence from what feels like a core place of courage, honesty and the  authentic part of you that dares to dream!) …

I say to clients again and again:

Hope is recovery of your true and greater Self – its challenge and its transformational gift.

In love and light, Marjorie