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How Hope Hurts . . . and Heals

Faulty belief systems and discovering 'what's real?'

Trust and Reality Get Buried By Our Core Fears

We have a gauge for this, but it gets buried through swallowing what I call “security lies” that the wounded, unhealed part of us create to cover up our delusional fears that we may cease to exist (we are part of the infinite presence, after all – the only thing we really die to – which we’re actually meant to simply surrender to – is each finishing moment). 

I’m talking about faulty belief systems here that are directly responsible for the horrific violence and selling out of our authentic, empowered spirits in the world to externally determined sources of fundamentally unchallenged authority.We track and trust what’s real through relearning and recovering how to be fully, freely present. 

Accept the Challenge to Develop Unconditional Caring as Our Right and Capability to Be 

We are meant to understand and accept our right and capability to be and develop ongoing unconditional caring for ourselves and our world.  We are also meant to exist endlessly in peace, love and compassion from an innate, open will to support the infinite greater good. 

Trust is blown away by a sense of inner powerlessness and separation from what is real.  There are two requirements to reveal where trust and reality intersect, and to then see, as you create, your own “tracks” for self-healing and empowerment from your core center:

These Two Steps Will Bring Healing and Happiness

*  The first step is to be your own best observer, which emerges through experiencing Who, What, Where, When, Why and How in a simple, relaxed, open, watching  space within your uncaring (about outcomes) and authentic spirit. 

*  The second requirement  is to realize we are all part of the infinitely loving, endlessly aware higher consciousness – and are each, too, an equally and uniquely creating, particularly developing individual being that truly changes worlds and selves – free and seeking loving, new and extensively fulfilling opportunities to unconditionally share.

A Final Exercise for Higher Clarity and Light

Consider where these two steps are for you now, and where they intersect.  Take a deep, wide inner “dive” to view this through all presenting “intersections”.

When you feel complete in this reflection, take some time to journal, even diagram your soul’s direction as your point of power, recovery, opportunity – and true trust.  What choices (which will activate healing and development within their own enfoldment) reveal themselves as your best path to fulfill your highest destiny?