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Self help exercise: acknowledge what you're grateful for during times of loss


Thought experiment: what would you be most grateful for if you knew you were going to lose everything?

An exercise in personal growth through loss

Family-paper-cut-out-hands_476x290Family Loss Through Acknowledging What’s Real

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog entry.  For me throughout this intense, rainy, much cooler summer, family has been pivotal and has taken much of my attention.

My second oldest daughter will be married next month out of town to her college boyfriend in both a very traditional and very different wedding ceremony.  My aged, impaired father, after a great deal of thought, said he couldn’t attend, admitting sadly it “would be too much”. 

Face the Truth About Life

Nothing lasts forever.  We gain so much – and lose it all in our lifetimes, in both truly surprising and easily predictable ways.

My oldest daughter likes to repeat the well-known phrase, “Nobody gets out of here alive”.  How, then, if we face thee simple, ruthless and heartbreaking truth about our physical existence, can we find where the real resolution – and maturational balance – lies?

The Real Source of Dysfunction in Our World

Much of the dysfunction in our world comes from our ongoing goofy and failing attempts to “get around” these truths.  As we can “go deeper” into our own core fears from a place of truly wanting to heal and develop, we uncover our real potential to love more and support the greater good. 

This opens our inner spirit’s door to be able to willingly lead us to sacrifice whatever we have been carrying that is lesser than our authentically greater selves.  We can then become clear and empowered through being able to transcend the challenges of our lives.

What Really Fulfills Us?

What truly satisfies our souls?  When we are able to arrive at a fundamental place of unconditionally acknowledging what we are truly grateful for – past, present, and future (all really one source connection!) – we gracefully let go and let be . . . and come to an inner place of rest and opening to become.

I invite you, on that note, to settle back into a comfortable, relaxed, position in which you feel open and supported, close your eyes, and take five full, deep, cleansing breaths.  For these next several breaths, say to yourself, My spirit opens, imagining this happens and continues automatically along with your deep, regular breathing.

Then imagine that in one fell swoop you lose everything that you care about in your life – everything that you need and want.  Stay for a few minutes in this vision, and observe all your sensations.

Understand the Depth of Grief and Acceptance

Then say to yourself, as you inhale these next several breaths, Let be; and as you exhale, Let go.  Again, observe your sensations as you experience whatever happens inside you. 

Now imagine everything that you have lost returns to you – again in “one fell swoop”.  Consider: What are you grateful for?

How to Come to a New Place of Power and Choice

Experience whatever happens inside you . . . and when you feel complete with this experience, easily and gently return to full waking consciousness, and open your eyes.  Take a few minutes to record all that happened, including whatever feelings, thoughts and insights then occur.

Consider, after you’ve read what you’ve written and “sat” with your whole experience, what you are moved to now do in your life – and what your view of your life and Will now is.  Remember, every moment is only an infinite reflection of an endlessly sacred present, filled with the power to choose and create.

Namaste, Marjorie