What Really Keeps Us And Stops Us Transforming . . . Truths and Tips
Do You Know What's True - And What Isn't?

Three Quick, Empowering Ways to Relax - and Solve Your Real Stress

One – Deepen Your Focus and Center Yourself

Settle back into a comfortable, aligned, supported position with eyes closed and arms and legs uncrossed.  Take three deep, full, cleansing breaths.

Call yourself by name to yourself, and then say, “Breathe”.  For your next several breaths, say these words to yourself:  “Receive” as you inhale, and “Release” as you exhale.  For your final several breaths, say these words to yourself: “Let Be” as you inhale, and “Let Go”  as you exhale.

Two – Let Go

Go back to your former comfortable, relaxed state, eyes closed, breathing deep and regular.  Focus on the following sentence:

I imagine letting go completely of . . . and complete in whatever way seems to automatically come up from deep inside you.  Then write down the above sentence after you’ve first written the phrase, “I commit to doing whatever it takes as . . . (then saying “I imagine letting go completely of . . . ).

Three -  Trust 

One more time – go back to your relaxed, inner-focused state, take several more deep, cleansing breaths, and then say to yourself, I trust myself and ask my sense of the infinite to help me strengthen how I can trust myself and trust my power to choose what supports my and all greater good.  Then consider today what you’ve been successful at, including things like eating, sleeping, paying bills, smiling at a stranger, as well as problem-solving, etc; and list each of these in the following way: I trust _________________________ 

As we center, let go and trust we increase awareness, understand what’s real, and empower ourselves . . . so do we relax, release and recharge ourselves and our life.  Then we are free to choose and create – endlessly.