Do You Know What's True - And What Isn't?
Self help exercise: acknowledge what you're grateful for during times of loss

What's really bothering you? Three simple questions/answers to get you there

Advocating for an answer to "what's really bothering you?" 

Whats-really-bothering-you-why3So much of the work I do with clients involves uncovering what they really need in order to be able to identify and determine how to get what they really want.  I see my role as critically helping clients be able to see their way clear to becoming and being their best and truest source of fulfilling their own needs and wants; while transforming their corresponding view of the environment they live in as actually being full of real and exciting potential – all of which well mirrors what truly exists inside of them to then achieve their dreams and well care for themselves.

This open environment filled with real potential is meant to very much include others in relationship, as well as connecting situations, hopes and dreams.  Here is my three-step “uncover what’s really getting in your way” questions for you to answer as my transformational offer to you to find out what you really need, in order to get what you truly want:

Are You Willing to Answer These Three Questions?


  1. What do you worry about most?
  2. What are you most afraid of?
  3. What are the three deepest heartfelt wishes you have for yourself?


Write down your answers to all three questions; and after each answer write down whatever your feelings you experienced as you focused in turn on each question.  Then exactly write these answers as their exact opposite; and again, write down your feelings after each answer.

Identify Your Core Needs and True Wants

Read through everything you’ve written, and spend a few minutes (or more!) considering the following question:  What do I feel I most need now?  Record your responses.

I have come to know that our core needs that only we can provide, in order to be able to get what we want, always involve trusting, freeing and understanding ourselves.  Rate on a scale of 1 through 10 as “least” to “most” how well you trust yourself – unconditionally – how free you really feel – and how much you think you truly understand yourself. 

Don’t Sell Yourself Short or You Lose Real Potential

What more do you now see you need to do to improve your “ratings” and meet your core needs?  If you feel you can’t do anything more, know that you’re selling yourself and your real potential critically short; and keeping yourself hidden and compromised through imposing a false sense of limits based on faulty conditioning due to unhealed trauma.

This is all about spiritual recovery of your own best and true self to present and be fully present in the world.  No matter how much we feel our life – the world – has broken us – this true potential remains, seeking space only we can give it to surface, extend and radiantly envelop us.

We never undertake this journey alone – support can and does materialize through real transformation in many amazing and miraculous ways if we can “suspend disbelief” and stay open, while staying our authentic course of admitting and visioning.  That is how we not only recover ourselves as the real developmental journey of life, but recover what is real.