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Do You Know What's True - And What Isn't?

We Only Believe What We Understand is True

A lot of what I do in my practice is to separate truth from fiction.  It’s actually, I’ve discovered, fundamentally easy – what’s hard, as Glinda said to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz – is getting people to believe it.

We really only can come to believe something through being willing to look at what is true in our experience . . . which is greatly helped, if not required, by separating what is true from what is fundamentally delusion.

The Real Threat When We Believe What is Not True

Without knowing what is true we are unable to:

* choose 

* understand and come to know what we really want and need

* be fully present

* be free

* grow and develop

* be responsible

* share and offer to others

* receive

* accept and acknowledge

* release judgment, expectation and agenda

* let go of faulty belief systems

* erase core fear

The Real Purpose of Development

Perhaps the whole course of our lives is coming to know what’s true and what isn’t – and the “Part II” is discovering and implementing it!  So . . . look over the above list and consider . . .

Are there any items that you feel unsure about, or seem to be missing or compromised in your life?  Are there any items that you feel anxious about?  Record your thoughts and feelings, which always comes to reveal greater awareness and insight.

How to Create Affirmations to Transform Your Life

Those are your developmental and healing challenges to discover what is true.  Now try reading down the entire list out loud and say before every item either “I am”  or “I have” out loud, looking at yourself in front of a mirror.

Journal about what happens for you with this exercise.  Then imagine you can contact, however you picture as your wise, compassionate guide, and for each item, ask “How do I . . . “

Be More Freely Present

Record whatever comes up inside you as responses.  How can you “see your way clear” to committing to behave accordingly in your daily life as a unique and new experiment in self-healing and personal growth?

This is the foundation for personal power, for love, for wellbeing.  Like Dorothy’s ruby slippers, we hold these – as our Declaration of Independence (the celebration of which is fast approaching through this now-shortening month) describes – self-evident truths, not on our feet, but in the palm of our hands . . . and when we come to believe it, we can “transport” to our heart’s desires – our true heart-home.