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June 2013

Here is my three-step “uncover what’s really getting in your way” questions for you to answer as my transformational offer to you to find out what you really need, in order to get what you truly want: Read more →

Do You Know What's True - And What Isn't?

A lot of what I do in my practice is to separate truth from fiction. It’s actually, I’ve discovered, fundamentally easy – what’s hard, as Glinda said to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz – is getting people to believe it. We really only can come to believe something through being willing to look at what is true in our experience . . . which is greatly helped, if not required, by separating what is true from what is fundamentally delusion. greater awareness, insight,self-healing, personal growth, personal power, wellbeing, Declaration of Independence, Read more →

Three Quick, Empowering Ways to Relax - and Solve Your Real Stress

As we center, let go and trust we increase awareness, understand what’s real, and empower ourselves . . . so do we relax, release and recharge ourselves and our life. Then we are free to choose and create – endlessly. Read more →