Tonight's Teleconference Recording "Get A Good Night's Sleep"
What Really Keeps Us And Stops Us Transforming . . . Truths and Tips

Transformation Retreat June 8 from 9-5

Metamorphosis: A Centering Tools Small Group Daylong Retreat Intensive on How to Heal and Transform Yourself and Your Life Today

Saturday, June 8 from 9am-5pm in Rochester, NY

(Weather permitting, includes outdoor vision quest)

In These Tough, Transforming Times . . . 

Learn how to transform yourself, your relationships and your life . . . and . . .  


Find, Unleash and FREE Your Spirit to:

· Recover Wholeness

· Move You to a Higher Level of Being and Success

· Uncover and Experience Your True Path of Greater Good 

In This Small, Nurturing Group You Will:

1. Understand and release what really gets in the way of your greater happiness and wellbeing.

2. Learn how to channel and experience your intuitive power and higher guidance.

3. Stop power struggles and establish loving, empowered relationships.

4. Discover your soul’s real path of healing and transcendence for greater clarity, trust, and higher vision to experience the freedom and power to create your dreams.

Key practices include:

***Soul Retrieval ***Energy Healing ***Integrative Recovery

$125 includes all materials, articles, audio and continental breakfast, drinks, snacks (bring a bag lunch) – major credit cards accepted, checks payable to Marjorie Baker Price.

For questions, location/directions and to register email or call 585-244-6210.