How to Quiet Your Mind to Get to Sleep
Ten Tips to Get Through Your Day Even After a Bad Night's Sleep

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep Teleconference Wed April 17 7pm EST

Call-in Details for This Free Centering Session

Do you want to learn simple, quick tips to get a good night's sleep?  Join me at my upcoming half hour teleconference from 7-7:30opm EST on Wednesday evening, April 17.

I'm delighted to be able to offer this free session to help you overcome difficulty sleeping, and  in response to the many concerns and questions there were about how to get a good night’s sleep from the recent Centering Tools  newsletter survey so many of you completed.  I look forward to sharing the key successful strategies I’ve developed and consistently offer clients with great success to be able to reestablish, or even for the first time, experience a full, restful night’s sleep.

How to join:

*Call 832-5515900 at 7 pm EST

*You will be prompted to enter the passcode: 149593#

Restful, Full, Regular Sleep is Your Most Important Wellness Practice to Stay Balanced and Centered – and Heal

Regular, complete sleep that your body and mind requires is the most critical wellness practice to achieve and maintain to stay centered, energized and balanced.  I look forward to sharing how to do this with you, and helping you recover and sustain health and wellbeing.

Help those you care about and pass this on to your friends and loved ones – In light, Marjorie