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Why Remember Your Dreams?

Here are The Key Ways Dreams Can Help You

Dreams can be the gateway to opening your soul’s light, as well as being able to experience core physical, mental and emotional healing.  In my practice I do a lot of work with analyzing dreams - including exploring what is called lucid, or conscious dreaming - experiencing and processing dreams as a guided meditation or hypnosis exercise.

Dreams are your opening to develop your intuition, integrate all parts of you, and heighten your awareness.  These are all the elements of extending personal power and finding higher guidance to strengthen your will and meet the challenges of your life.

My Best Tips to Remember and Work With Dreams

Here are some things you can try to best remember and work with your dreams:

*Simply suggest to yourself before you go to sleep that you will remember your dreams.

*Don’t judge or expect what you do remember, because that can shut down your attempt – just tell yourself whatever you recall is acceptable.

*Keep a pad and paper next to your bed, and when you wake up, as soon as possible write down whatever you do remember about your dreams – this could be words, phrases – you can sketch or diagram, etc.

*Then any time during the day when you have a few uninterrupted minutes, read your notes and record any insights that occur.

These practices will organically build your power to remember and work with your dreams for self-healing, empowerment and development.

My Favorite Books About the Power of Dreams

There are many books about analyzing the meaning of dreams.  I have three favorites:

*Jane Roberts' Seth books, especially The Nature of Personal Reality - there is some amazing teaching in there about the spiritual and intuitive power of dreams and how to work to develop yours.

*Carl Jung did a lot of work not only on therapeutically analyzing dreams (understanding they are all metaphors for core challenges, concerns and goals), but on body-mind-spirit integration and development through dreaming; so any of his books are very helpful.

*Edgar Cayce, in all of the books that have been published about his amazing metaphysical work for body-mind-spirit healing,  extensively analyzes dreams with this focus, including other lifetime experiences.

*Elsie Sechrist, who worked for a long time with Edgar Cayce, specialized in dreamwork – I love her book, Dreams: Your Magic Mirror (hope this is still available – try checking through Amazon).

May your dreams be fruitful and bring many supportive, key light openings to you – and let me know about your inner traveling experiments!    Namaste, Marjorie